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  2009 June 28  
In This Day 79 People Assassinated By Terrorists

:  282009

Mohammad Sadegh  Islami

Martyr Mohammad Sadegh Islami

Martyr Mohammad Sadegh Islami was born on 1932 in Tehran he continued his studies while workingin 1956 he started working in the communication company.

In 1951 he established the "Shia" group with "Haj Sadegh Amani" and fought shah's regime in the central committee of this group .

Martyr Islami was one of the members of "Heyathay e Motalefe" central committee that was sentenced to two years imprisonment and he tolerated intolerable tortures after the revolutionary execution of "Mansour" the prime minister of that time.

He had certain relations with the organization of people's "Mojahedin" of the time when revolutionary Moslems still looked at it as a Islamic organization but when he saw their deviation from the Islamic path he cut relations with them.

About the year 1975 he and his friend "Seyyed Ali Andarzgou" established a group to fight against the shah and at the time of Andarzgou's Martyrdom he was arrested and sent to jail after his release from the jail he continued his struggle with his other companions.

Marty Islami was the first man who declared Imam Khomeini as the leader of the revolution in the "Abdolazim" mosque during a lecture after the Martyrdom of "Haj Agha Mostafa" the son of Imam Khomeini .

After the victory of the revolution and with the establishment of the Islamic Republic Party he was accepted as a central committee member.

During Martyre Rajai he was Deputy of Parliamentary coordination of the Ministry of Trade.

Mohammad Sadegh Islami was martyred in the explosion of the central office of the Islamic republic party.

Mahdi  Hajian Moghaddam


Martyr Mahdi Hajian Moghaddam

Martyr Mohandes Mehdi Hajian Moghaddam was born in "Khaniabad", Tehran

"Shahab ol dole" alley in a religious family in 1954.

He was born in a situation that his father along with other "Fadaiyan e Islam" were fighting against the shah's Regime side by side with Martyr "Navvab Safavi".

And he was raised by a mother that never gave him milk without abolition herself.

He finished his primary school in state primary school of "Behzad" in "Saffari" street in Tehran and he finished his high school in "Dar ol Fonoun" high school.

He graduated from "Marjan" high school in 1971.

During this period that the books of religious lessons could not answer his sensitive mind his father send him to "Ayatollah Haj Agha Mirza Ashtiyani" to learn the lessons of fundaments of belief ,"Ravayat" and "Ahadis".

So he could get his hands on Islamic authentic sources.

In 1972 he entered the Faculty of "Karaj" Economic management and he finished the 4 years term in 2 years and 9 months and got his B.A in Economic management.

He began his political activities against the Shah's Regime in the University .

He used to call on students to join the strikes and close his own class.

He also participated in "Dr.Shariati" Classes in "Husseiniyeh Irshad".

He was threatened by "Savak" Agents several times and he was almost got arrested by them.

In 1975 he went to USA to continue his studies and in the short period of time he got his B.S in engineering management he first went to "Oklahoma" and he began his political activities in the form of providing disclosing articles against Pahlavi Regime.

Then he continued his studies in "Sanantonio", "Texas".

During this period he participated in all demonstrations organized by Islamic association in U.S and Canada.

These activities reached it's peak when Shah came to U.S and at the time when all the American media was trying to mobilize the American public opinion against Iranian Muslims he and his brothers and sisters in Islamic association participated in New york city glorious demonstration in front of the hospital where the Shah was hospitalized.

They gave the massage of the Iranian Muslims to the world.

When the Shah came to the military hospital of macland in "Sanantonio", "Texas" the responsibility of brothers and sisters of Islamic association became more sirius and despite any demonstrations and political activity was forbidden by the U.S government the Islamic association attempted to organize a series of propaganda programs.

like hunger strike and demonstrations.

Here because the martyr was able to speak a perfect English he became the speaker of the Islamic association.

And by organizing media conferences he had an active role

in giving out the message of Islamic revolution and the movement of Muslim students followers of Imam line.

After he was threatened by polis he left "Sanantonio" and went to "buttanroug" city in "Luisiana" state he continued his activities like before in Islamic Association.

He was one of the Students who objected to the lecture of 'Fereydoun Hoveyda" the Brother of "Amir Abbas Hoveyda" in the monrow city of "Luisiana" state.

He was arrested along with 48 other brothers and one sister and they were sent to jail.

In the jail Martyr Hajian because of his special talent of coordination and organizational management they succeeded in making the police disturbed in the jail by chanting "Allah o Akbar" cries and other English slogans.

Because he was suffering from Ulster he attempted a 10 days hunger strike.

And this resulted in police surrender to the demands of students and they were released.

Although martyr Mehdi Hajian Moghadam had a PHD. I-20 in engineering management magor he went to "Alpasso" city near the border of "Mexico" because he was under police surveillance he by the help of a Mexican libration organization in sanantonio city went to Elpasso.

During his stay in Elpasso he cooperated with Mexican Indians who were exploited and wanted liberty in that land.

This martyr made the Indians acquainted with the true face of Islam.

He returned to Iran in 1980 .

In Iran Martyr Mehdi began his services in revolutionary organs.

First he worked in the coordination head quarters of help to wartorn regeons.

After a while because of his talent and hard work he went to Iranian economic mobilizations head quarters.

And after that he went to the office of plans and researches of priministry and at the end he went to Foriegn Ministry and succeeded in passing the Embassy training classes and was ready to resent to abroad.

Martyr Mehdi was the responsible man for training of the engineers unit of the Islamic Republican party.

He was martyred in June.28.1981 in the explosion of central office of Islamic Republican party.

He loved Imam and Islamic revolution.

God bless his soul

Mohammad  Ravaghi


Martyr Mohammad Ravaghi
** The General Manager of the Carpet Company **

Martyr Mohammad Ravaghi , The General Manager of the Carpet Company

He was born in "Mashhad" city , he finished his primary and high school in "Mashhad". In 1951 when the Pahlavi Regime tried to busy the young Students to healthy recreation time entered the supreme school of Trade in his first step he established the Islamic association of students, during his 4 years of studies in trade school he was known as a young and committed Muslim who participates in all activities and student demonstrations Martyr Ravaghi was arrested and tortured several times by "SAVAK" in a way that he lost his hearing.

He was a young and hard working Muslim and combatened.

His confrontation with the head of the faculty proved that he is a conscious Muslim.

And he wouldn't accept to cooperate and compromise with the Regime.

After his student years he began his service.

For sometimes he worked in national Iranian sue Company then he went to U.S.A to continue his studies.

In U.S he also spent his time for combating in the way of Islam against the Regime.

After his B.A in Trade management from "Ormoned" state University he returned to Iran before the revolution and tried so hard for the realization of Islamic Revolution of Iran.

After the victory of the revolution he was appointed as the member of directing board of Iranian Carpet Company then he became it's director general and the chief of directing board.

His colleagues knew that Martyr Ravaghi spent all his life working for "Mostazafin" and safe guarding the blood of Martyrs was a sentence he would repeat several time a day.

From his activities in his service time were the trips he had to create jobs for war hit brothers and sisters and charity institution that supervised children.

Martyr Ravaghi had a wife and 2 children .

God bless his soul

Seyfollah  Abdlkarimi



Martyr Seyfollah Abdlkarimi
*** The representative of the people of "Langaroud" ***

Martyr Seyfollah Abdulkarimi was born in 1933 in a rural farmer family in the village "Kumeleh". He faced all kinds of problems from the beginning of his life. At the age of 7 he entered the primary school of his birth place and he continued there up to the end of his primary school. After finishing his primary school he went to "Ghom" to study the Islamic sciences because of the interest he had in religious questions he learned the basic sciences and literature under teachings of great master teachers of "Hozeh Elmiyeh" of "Ghom".

Then he participated in the classes of "Ayatollah Mohammadi Gilani" to study "Feghh" and "Usul" and studied "Feghh" (The Makaseb book of Sheykh Morteza Ansari) under the teachings of some of the other Ulema of "Ghom".

He also studied in the high school at nights, he studied the rational sciences and Islamic Philosophy by the teachings of "Ayatollah Ansari Shirazi".

In 1963 he participated in entrance examination of the university, he was accepted in the Theology faculty of Tehran university and he got married at that time.

Martyr Abdolkarimi while doing his Military service took part in the entrance examination for a B.A Degree in the faculty of Theology in Tehran university and passed the test in philosophy as a major.

After his Military service he spent sometimes for getting his master degree staying in Tehran and finally after 7 years studying philosophy and Islamic "Hekmat" got employed in the Ministry of Education as a man with master degree in Philosophy.

He went to "Lahijan" and taught there in 1971.

Martyr Abdolkarimi participated in the political and religious activities .

After he came to "Lahijan" while teaching , spent the rest of his time establishing sessions and religious and political meetings.

The result of which in the short run was the establishment of underground association and Semi-underground meetings in the city of "Lahijan", Langeroud" and "Roudsar" and the other cities of "Mazandaran" province.

It happened so often that he had to be present in some religious and political meeting after his class was over.

After the establishment and inauguration of "Gilan" management supreme school he cooperated with it for 2 years and taught the history of the Iranian culture and civilization and the Islamic lessons.

In 1975 he was transferred to Mashhad university and in this short time he took part in so many meetings and associations.

They threw him out after a year and he went to "Lahijan".

Because he loved teaching he was not discouraged by social problems, but each time it would make him more resistant and more of a believer, he followed his task again.

In the early months of the revolution and around a year before the revolution in order to give Imam massages.

He tried actively and coordinated a program for demonstration, speeches and strikes ,the closing of the "Bazzar" and the offices by strike he almost had a key role up to the victory of the revolution in "Langeroud" and in relation to several other cities.

At the time of down fall of Pahlavi Tyrani, when the conditions of the police and Military bases and offices were going down the drains and there was the fear of a possible rip off of the arms and weapons he succeeded with the help of others to collect and deliver all arms and weapons to the new officials.

After the victory of the revolution he was the man responsible for the revolution committee of "Langeroud".

After the university and schools of "Mashhad" were opened again they invited him to teach in the faculty of Theology and because he loved teaching and despite so many posts that were offered to him ,he didn't accept any of them and went to "Mashhad" to continue the teacher's job.

He began teaching in the "Tashayyo" and fundaments , religion group in the faculty of Theology in "Mashhad" university.

At the time of Majlis election a majority of the people asked him to introduce himself as a candidate.

In short, people sent him to Majlis and he was in Majlis about a year and some month, but he spent all his leisure time in his jurisdiction.

He so many times had expressed in his speeches that " I feel I am sitting on the blood of 1000s of Martyrs, I don't expect that I finish my carrier in 4 years of Majlis and return to my own city, I feel the Martyrdom and I hope I join them".

And he finally joined them in the explosion of Islamic republican Party's central office in June.28.1981 in Tehran.

The bomb went off.

The M.K.O claimed the responsibility for it, but now we know that a cell of "Musad" the Israeli intelligence had infiltrated the M.K.O and the bomb was an Israeli bomb.

His scientific works are as follows:

1-Research and review about the forms of the Theoretical logic apiary.

2- The translation of one third of the book "Kashf Olmorad Fi Sharhe Tajrid ol Eteghad".

Mohammad  Pourvali



Martyr Mohammad Pourvali

Martyr Mohammad Pourvali is one the several martyrs that are shining like the sun in Islamic revolution theater.

He was born in 1956 in 15 "Khordad Gharbi" in "Darkhoungah" in a relatively poor family but with strong religious commitment.

He finished his primary school in "Hedayat" school and his high school in "Dar ol Fonoun".

He entered the "Ghazali" college of "Ghazvin" in 1975 and studied commercial management and he was student up to his Martyrdom.

Martyr Mohammad Pourvali was one of the founding members of Islamic Association of the university before the revolution and he did a lot of Islamic propaganda inside and outside the university.

He was responsible of the library of "Abdolhussein Elmiyeh" School in the "Bazzar" and he was in close contacts with the student of this school. He was really active in "Ghoba" Mosque movement also he would distribute Imam's Tapes and declarations.

After the establishment of the Islamic Republican party he who had understood the necessity of organizational activities join the party. In the beginning he worked in the political section but then because of the importance of work on students he became one of the active elements of the student section .

He used to work 12 hours a day. He loved Imam Khomeini and the poor people of the society, he always listened to Imam and tried to removed "Mostazafin" problems. He was a sacrifice .

He was very emotional with his brothers in faith and companions and his kindness and high emotionality would attract people to him.

His friends all remember that he said : Anyone who wants to enter the party must be ready to sacrifice his life .

He continued the Jihad in the way of God up to his Martyrdom.

And he finally got martyred in June.28.1981 explosion in Central Office of Islamic Republican Party in Tehran.

God bless his soul.

Mohammad Kazem  Danesh



Martyr Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Kazem Danesh

* The Representative of the people of "Shoush" and "Andimeshk" *

Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Danesh was born in 1939 in "Dezful" in a clergy family.

He finished his primary studies in this city from 1951 to 1958 and then in late 1958 he left for "Ghom" to continue his studies in religious sciences.

From this date became a citizen of "Ghom".

He never stopped learning up to the last days of his life. He spent his life serving Islam and Muslims and in this respect as soon as he would find a free time he would travel to far places for struggle and preaching, from "Sarein" of "Ardabil" to "Sorkheh" around "Shoush" and from "Ghorveh" to "Marvdasht" of "Shiraz", he would go and preach revolution. In the ex regime he was under surveillance of "SAVAK" and he was exiled several times and was not allowed to deliver any lectures.

His combat background goes back to 42 years ago, from the time he used to bring Imam lecture tapes to "Dezfoul" and duplicated them.

From 1963 up to 1979 that the Islamic revolution became victorious he did not stop his struggle. Before the revolution he was in contact with different groups and individuals who were fighting the regime in "Shoush", "Dezfoul" and "Andimeshk", he guided them with his leadership and his lectures .

After the victory of the revolution he went to "Shoush" and stayed there and became the director of revolution committee and Imam of Friday prayers. The border city of "Shoush" with its ethnic differences of its citizens and the long remained differences of the people was very sensitive indeed and he was needed there to get back the weapons that was in the hands certain elements that were in contact with the Iraqi regime.

He was elected as the representative of the people of "Shoush", 'Andimeshk' and "Hafttapeh" for Majlis in April 1980 and continued his struggle in this brigade.

Martyr Danesh loved the people and considered the relationship and contact with the people as an important affair.

His ties with the people were either direct by means of speeches and discussions or indirect contacts like writing articles and stories, therefore he tried so hard to learn the secrets of the science of speech and writing, his works are plenty but his first experience in writing was the book " Simaye Fadakaran"in 2 volums and "Ghazhaye Mohajer" (A story for kids), we can also mention his article in the magazine "Maktab e Islam".

He was responsible for answering the questions that were set forth by the readers.

He made a trip to Egypt, Syria, Saudi Araibia and Kuwait to do some research about the Muslims .

He finally got martyred in the Jun, 28, 1981 explosion in the central office of I.R.P in Tehran.

Mohammad  Montazeri


Martyr Hojjatolislam Mohammad Montazeri

Martyr Mohammad Montazeri was born in 1953 in "Najaf Abad" of "Isfahan".

He was raised in a faithful and honorable family.

His family was a family of knowledge men .

He got familiar with the Islamic Sciences since his childhood.

During his student years he worked as a simple worker in this way he got familiar with poor people.

In 1958 he entered the "Hozeh Elmiyeh" of "Ghom", during these years his teachers were "Imam Khomeini" ,"Ayatollah Damad" and "Ayatollah Meshkini".

He had a great talent in Islamic politics and economics.

Imam Khomeini believed that he was a great thinker in Islamic sciences.

He was a rough man against the "pagons" and "Monafeghin"and he was kind and humble toward the deprived and believers.

He was a simple man and lived simple.

He didn't change his way of life after the revolution.

He resisted against Shah's Regime tortuers , he challenge the Shah's Regime and he fought them side by side Imam Khomeyni in 1962 and 1963 and he stayed in Imam's line up to the end of his life.

He was arrested while distributing Imam's Pamphlets in 1965 and he spent 7 months in jail, during which he was tortured by "SAVAK".

He was injured under torture but he didn't give any information to "SAVAK".

When he was released from the jail "SAVAK" didn't allow him to deliver lectures and going to "Hozeh Elmiyeh" but he didn't follow the "SAVAK" order. He went to "Hozeh" and began teaching economics.

He organized "Tollab"and ordinary people.

Once he was pursued by "SAVAK" and he run away and escaped therefore he went to abroad 2 months after this incident .

He continued his fight against the Regime and also his studies in Arab countries like "Lebanon", "Afghanistan" and Persian Gulf countries, there he met with leaders of opposition groups who were fighting for freedom.

While in abroad he met with the Iranian students and organized them against the Shah's Regime.

When he heard that Imam Khomeini has gone to Paris he went there .

He stayed with Imam until he came back to Iran.

After the Revolution the organization of guardians of Revolution was his idea that was set forth to Imam by "Ayatollah Motahari".

In the election of "Majlis " he won %97 of the votes and became a "Majlis" deputy.

This was a critical time for the Revolution, because there was a war going on.

He played an important role in globalizing the Revolution.

He used all his capacities for propaganda thinking and studying sciences.

He published a Magazin in Arabic by the name of "Al Shahed".

He fought "Bani Sadr" and "Rajavi" and others like them finally in June,28,1981 in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P he became a Martyr after 20 years of hard struggle against Shah's Regime and reactionaries.

He was buried in Ghom city.

God Bless his soul.

Mahdi  Aminzadeh



Martyr Mahdi Aminzadeh

Our Dear Brother and Martyr Mehdi Aminzadeh whose shining face was expressive of his love and faith to Islam and Quran was one of the 71 Martyrs of Islamic Republic party central office .

He was 32 when he was martyred and he had a 4 month old baby.

He was a famous figure for all those who were active in Islamic associations in Iran and abroad.

He after finishing his primary and high school studies continued his university studies in economics in Iranian National University.

Then he went to U.S.A to continue his studies, there while studying his activities for Islamic ideals and against Shah's regime found new dimensions.

He had an active role in all demonstrations and programs that was held by the Islamic association of Iranian students in U.S and Canada.

Martyr Aminzadeh cooperated with the Islamic association of Washington University.

He and his friends established an Islamic library and lecture classes on religious topics and Quran interpretation in this University.

After getting his master degree in economics he continued his studies for a P.H.D degree in economic programming in Texas.

Before the revolution when Imam Khomeini was in Paris he went to him and he came back to Iran with Imam.

Martyr Mehdi Aminzadeh participated in armed struggle against the shah's regime like his other brothers in faith before the victory of the revolution.

After the victory of the revolution he served in Mashhad committees with passion and joy he worked day and night.

Finally in September of 1980 he became a member of board of directors of trade services expansion company and he had a close cooperation with

Brother "Kazempour Ardebili" from Feb.1991 he worked as the Deputy Minister of Internal Trade and he worked hard to remove the trade bottlenecks of trade of the country and served Islam and Islamic Revolution of Iran.

His Martyrdom was a grave sorrow for those who knew him closely and were familiar with his Islamic morals.

God bless his soul.

 Mir Behzad  Shahriari



Martyr Mir Behzad Shahriari
The Representative of the people of "Roudbaran"

The Representative of the people of "Roudbaran" in Majlis Martyr Mir Behzad Shahriari was born in 1954 his family was a clergy family and he was raised in this family.

The father of Martyr Shahiyari was a committed and militant clergy who began his nonstop struggle against "Reza Khan e Gholdor" ( The first King of Pahlavi despotic Regime) on the question of unveiled woman.

His struggle caused him to be sent back to his birth place from the city.

In his birth place he used to farm and do scientific research on the question of the religion and Shariat problems Martyr Shariyari learned Quran from his father at the age of 6.

By the encouragement of his father he finished his primary school in "Roodbaran" and continued his studies for a Diploma in "Behshahr".

He was a good student during his school years .

Martyr Shahriyari also used to enjoy study in "Hozeh Elmiyeh" Classes in addition to continuation of his high school studies.

It was from the time of his contact with the "Hozeh Elmiyeh" that his struggle began against the Pahlavi Regime.

In 1972 he participated in the entrance examination for going to university .He became the number one student in the last grade of high school.

The result of the examination gave him the opportunity to choose his first choice of majors this was Theology and Islamic sciences in university of "Mashhad".

In "Mashhad" he enjoyed the classes of master teachers like his excellence the leader of the revolution "Ayatollah Khamenei" while studying in the university.

In 1977 he finished his university and entered his Military service but there too he fought the Shah's regime by delivering speeches and making the military man aware of the current situation.

With the tide of the Islamic movement he became an effective factor in distribution of Imam's Messages in military bases and when Imam demanded the Soldiers should escape the bases he escape to Ghom but by the consultation of his friends he returned to his birth place and organized the first demonstration.

He was struggling continuously during the Islamic movement by his speeches and disclosing the Shah's Regime.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution he got employed in the Ministry of Education and began his activities against non Islamic and wrong beliefs .

He disclosed the lack of those mercenaries.

When the election for Majlis was set forth he became a candidate and he was elected to the post .

He began his service as the people's representative.

He always was thinking about the deprived people needs in the region.

He was also a member of agriculture and rural development commission of the "Islamic Majlis of Shura".

Brother Mir Behzad Shahriyari was Martyred in June .28 .1981 in the Explosion of the central office of I.R.P in Tehran and joined Allah along with 71 other Martyrs.

God bless his soul.

Mahmoud  Taffizi Zavareh



Martyr Mohandes Mahmoud Taffizi Zavareh

Martyr Mahmoud Taffizi Zavareh was born in 1946 in a religious family in Tehran. He finished his primary and high school in Tehran then he entered the polytechnic university and he studied and graduated in civil engineering.

Martyr Mahmoud Taffizi Zavareh entered the private sector in the field of road construction and specially in rural areas.

With the beginning of the Islamic revolution he became active like other Muslim committed masses.

After the victory of the Islamic revolution This Martyr rendered his services in Ministry of Road and Transportation.

He worked first in "Khouzestan" province when in 1979 Martyr "Kalantari" became the Minister of Road and Transportation Ministry,he asked Martyr Zavvareh to join him so he came to Tehran and became Deputy Minister of Road and Transportation Ministry responsible for provinces affairs. He was in the same post serving the Muslim Omma until he got martyred in June .28.1981 along with 72 other brothers in the central office of Islamic Republican Party.

God Bless his soul.

Mahmoud  Ghandi



Martyr Dr.Mahmoud Ghandi

*** The Minister of Post and Telegraph and Telephone ***

Martyr Dr.Ghandi was born in 1944 in a religious family in Tehran.

He finished his primary studies in "Mohammadi" primary school and finished his studies in "Alavi" high school.

Ostad "Rouzbeh" one of the founding fathers of "Alavi" high school always used to say

" I have two hopes in Alavi ,one of them is Ghandi ".

He finished his high school years with the average grade point of 85.

He finished his M.S in Electro mechanics in Tehran University in 1966 then he went to U.S.A on the advices of his masters because there was P.H.D course in Electro mechanics in Iran. In 1971 Martyr Ghandi got his P.H.D in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and on his return to Iran from 1971 he began teaching in the Technical Faculty of Tehran University and the Communication Faculty.

Martyr Ghandi has a wife and 4 children.

At the peak of Islamic revolution Martyr Ghandi along with his two friends was jailed for the distribution of Imam's leaflets.

After the victory of the revolution he became the president of the Faculty of Communications then he began his work in the Islamic library of the Technical Faculty.

He continued these activities in the U.S.A and he was one of the founding fathers of Islamic Association of Iranian Students in Canada and the U.S.A.

In these same years, he and Martyr "Chamran" wrote the constitution of the Islamic Associations along with some other friends.

Before the victory of the revolution he was active in copying and distributing of the leaflets,after the victory of the revolution he had an effective role in the establishment of the Islamic society of the university and the faculty members.

Martyr Ghandi was one of the Allameh "Tabatabai" students (The owner of "Almizan").

He used to get his lessons of philosophy from Martyr Ostad "Motahari".

In the beginning these classes were held in "Marvi" school then because of the limitations of the Regime for these types of classes it was held in Ostad "Motahari" 's house.

The wife of Ostad Motahari says : The Master only talked about two of the students and had hopes for them he thought they might be a couple of stars in the Islamic world, one of them was Martyr Ghandi who had understood Martyr Dr.Beheshti's classes and lessons.

Dr.Ghandi began study "Feghh" and "Usul" based on the advices of his other Master teachers in the classes of one of the most knowledge "Mojtahedin" of Tehran.

In this class like all other classes the talent of Ghandi made him distinguished among his classmates.

He studied the modern sciences because of the "Shari"Duties he had.

He used to say: his desire is to go to Ghom and study "Feghh" and philosophy.

In June.28.1981 Martyr Ghandi had come from a "Feghh" class to the Party headquarters that the bomb went off.

God Bless his soul.

Mohammad  Eyni



Martyr Mohammad Eyni

Martyr Eyni was born in 1951 in "Ghom" ,he was raised in a poor family, he loved to study when he was a child but his family didn't want him to study because of financial problems.

They preferred that he work and bring in an income to the family but he succeeded to continue his studies while he was working.

He used to do the weaving during the day and study during the nights.

He became sick because of standing too much on his feet.

Doctors told him he shouldn't continue his work so he came to our house which was the house of his paternal uncle and stayed here.

Martyr Mohammad Eyni continued his studies and became well.

He participated in the test to go to the Air Force and he passed the test.

He was there during the day and study during the nights .

In 1971 he asked for my hand for marriage.

We were transferred to "Dezfoul" and stayed in "Vahdati" base.

He prayed a lot and loved religious ceremonies.

On Thursdays and other days he used to read the "Imam al Zaman" and " Tavasol" prayers and he used to spend his holidays working on his morals.

He always had meetings with his religious friends.

Martyr Mohammad Eyni got his Diploma in "Dezfoul" and because he had accepted to work for 7 years in the Air Force he stayed there and was working in the Air Stock room because he was clean he didn't want to give the stock room to anybody else ,he didn't like to leave there, then he was transferred to Tehran in 1977 he resigned and after his resignation he began working in "Pars Electric" Company.

After he left the Army because they knew him "Savak" was on his pursue.

A year after his resignation "Savak" arrested him in the street, they had ask him why he doesn't cut relations with the anti national security families he has.

He began his underground life with the struggle and the disclosing of the Shah's Regime and hoding religious meetings.

He was present in Imam's welcoming committee and was responsible for the order in "Behesh e Zahra " grave yard .

The weapons stock rooms that were emptied during the revolution was in his hands.

He had committed himself the revolution and he used to asked God to help to establish the Islamic Goverment.

He was posted to the Mines and the Industries Expansion Organization.

Then he resigned because "Bani Sadrs people and the Liberals were making problems for him but they didn't accept his resignation.

He was then posted to the "Majlis" provision works and he stayed there with brother "Rafsanjani".

He was present in the March.4.1980 gathering of "Bani Sadr" and because they knew him he was caught as a "Hezbollahi" and was hurt.

The fruit of our life was two children by the name of "Mahdi" and "Majid".

He finally became a Martyr in June.28.1981 in the explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God Bless his soul

 Abdol Hussein  Akbari

Martyr Abdol Hussein Akbari

Martyr Abdol Hussein Akbari Was born in 1936 in a religious family in "Lalim" village near "Sari" city .

Because of his great faith and passion he began religious studies in "Hozeh Elmiyeh" of Sari city and after finishing the primary levels he went to "Mashhad" city and studied Arabic literature (syntax) semantics and lecture and he learned the course of "Feghh" and logical "Usul" from great masters of the Mashhad Hozeh.

In 1967 he went to Najaf to finish his studies in Islamic sciences.

Martyre Akbari returned to Iran in 1972 because of the deterioration of the relations between Iran and Iraq after so many years of hard studies and learning Islamic sciences.

He delivered so many effective and constructive speeches for the people.

Martyr Abdolhussein Akbari was a active participant in the struggle for the establishment of the Islamic Government against the internal despotism the external colonialism.

During his sessions of Quran interpretation and his valuable and hot speeches he used to mention the crimes and anti human and anti Islamic catastrophes of Shah's Regime to the people and he was never afraid of saying these things.

After the victory of the Islamic revolution of Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini while fighting anti revolutionary thought lines he became a member of five person committee of agriculture and this post he did his best to remove the local conflicts.

He was a man committed to the people and a servant of the people.

He was a kind and a humble man .He was a myth of resistance in the problems and hardships and sufferings of life.

He got Martyred in the explosion of the Islamic Republic Party Central Office along with 71 other Martyrs after a life full of sufferance and efforts for Islamic ideals and studying and teaching Islam and Quran and rendering services to Islam and "Ahlol Beyt".

Gholamali  Motamedi



Martyr Gholamali Motamedi

*** The Deputy Labour Minister in Cooperation and welfare ***

Martyr Motamedi was born in 1948 in "Shiraz" in Knowledged family, he is the Maternal grandson of "Ayatollah Seyyed Abdol Hussein Ayatollahi".

In all his study years he was a very intelligent student, he passed 4 years of his primary school in "Shiraz" and the last 3 years in "Razi" primary school of Tehran.

He passed his high school years in "Rahnama" and "Azar" high schools, his grades were excellent, Martyr Motamedi was very active in the administration of the library and the praying room of the faculty, he also had a key role in copying the pamphlets and publishing them, he was one of the founding fathers of the polycopy section of the faculty, he played a great role for copying the rare books for students , he was elected as the representative of students in the faculty and he defended the Islamic ideals of his brothers in faith, his ideals and suggestions were based on his Islamic beliefs, he considered his escape from a trap of M.K.O as the result of the guidance of Martyr Lavasani.

Martyr Motamedi had meeting with Mertyr "Dr.L abbaf Nejad" and "Dr.Lavasani" outside the university, in these meetings his Islamic knowledge became fruitful.

These activities with all the precautionary magors that the members of the group used to observe cause a time gap in getting his B.S in engineering despite the good grades he had gotten in the examination, finally he got his B.S in Mechanical engineering in 1973.
Martyr Motamedi went to his Military service after his graduation from the university.
He began his work in the engineering department of the Army.
Here he was under constant surveillance and control by "Savak" agents, they transferred him to "Broujerd" then to "Kazeroon" and finally to "Shiraz" to get rid of his activities but he remained safe from the cause of "Savak", they couldn't find a document to throw him in to the jail, they attacked his house to find a document to sent him to jail but they couldn't find a document, in the last attack to his house he had gone to a trip and nobody knew where he had gone.
After finishing his Military service Martyr Motamedi began his work as an engineer with some of his companions in "Shahinshahr" of "Isfahan".

He used to invite brothers in faith to this company,his kind approach to the toiling masses and his efforts for their welfare resulted in a condition in which after the revolution by the proposal of "Mr.Aliakbar Parvaresh" he becomes the Economic consultant of the Governor of "Isfahan" and beside that he had the responsibility of labour department in the I.R.P.

He was so kind to the labourers that they ask him to become a candidate for the Majlis Election from "Isfahan" but he refused and said that he can work better in his current post.

After Mr. Rajai became the prime minister he chooses him for the post of labour Minister but "Banisadr" was against him, then he accepted the post of the deputy labour Minister in welfare affairs.

He got married in 1975 with a family member the fruit of this marriage who was 2 sons by the names of "Amir" and "Bashir" Motamedi.

He finally got martyred in June.28.1981 in the explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Mohammad  Khoshzaban



Martyr Mohammad Khoshzaban

Martyr Mohammad Khoshzaban , The Aliasghar of the martyrs of the Iranian "Karbala" was born In 1962 in a religious family .

His mother says "Imam e Zaman" gave this gift to me and he got him back.

When he was 13 years old at the time of his entrance to the high school, there begins a revolution in his life .
A revolution for placing Islam and "Tashayo e Alavi " in all aspects of life.
Mohammad said yes to Imam since he had Imam's demand in "Ramadan".
And he went to the end of it.
He didn't have more than 16 years when Imam Messages reached my hands.
I was not in these affairs up to then.
He used to take the leaflets and distributed them.
Then he was hidden and didn't come home.
From that day he participated in demonstrations and at nights used to write slogans on the walls, once he was arrested by the guard.
They had bitten him very bad , they had uprooted his hair ,he couldn't hear anything and his foot was wounded.

Because he was a kid, I told him : do your job in a way that they wont be able to couch you , I was depressed for him.

Because your age is low but he would say there are so many people who are claiming to be Muslims, It's 5 years now but they don't know anything.
We must go in this way , age is not important.
After he came out of the jail, he continued his activities in this way , he was a daredevil.
He so many times gave his chest to the bullets.
The night of the revolution he was in hor base and was giving bullets to the combatants.

Because he was little he didn't take up arms , after the victory of the revolution he registered his name in the party and we did too.

Of course he also went for registration of his name in the "Sepah" but Because he was young they didn't accept him , so he continued his activities in the party for some times

He was active in one of the party's district offices.
It didn't take long before he became the supervisor of the district.
He was invited by the central committee and he became the supervisor of propaganda in Tehran province for 3 months.
He was the chief guard of order in the Friday prayers and demonstrations.
He was study deeply, when he wanted to get his Diploma he was among the best 9 students of the school.
He didn't like this world or at least he thought all there is belongs to all.
He was very humble. Whatever we told him he would accept without any questions.
Who ever had a job to done he would have done it with good humor.
He loved discussion and logic.
He was finally martyred in June,28,1981 in the Explosion of the Central office of I.R.P in Tehran.
God bless his soul.

Hassan  Ejarehdar



Martyr Hassan Ejarehdar

Martyr "Ejarehdar" was born in Tehran in 1949 , his childhood passed while he was working and studing. Because of the prevailing atmosphere in his family and his ethnic relations and attachments he was always aware of the "Ghom" city developments, he was following the "combative clergymen " (Rohanyat e Mobarez) therefore he felt a deep hatred for the Pahlavi regime.

In 1969 he graduated from "Khordad" high school in Mathematics and in the same year he went to military service. His service days were harsh and rough . In 1971 he finished his service and in 1974 he entered the university and a year later he was employed as tax agent in the Ministry of Economics then after 3 months because of social and political necessities he resigned and came out.

In 1969 he began his group work, therefore he began the political and ideological activities with some of his friends. During the years between 1970 and 1978 he began working with several military groups , after a while his friends were arrested and he himself was in the wanted list. in 1976 because of a mistake "SAVAK" arrested him and in 1978 because of the new form of the struggle he continued his activities with the "Tehran Rohanyat Mobarez" with people like "Dr. Beheshti" and "Mofateh" and

"Hadj Tarkhani".

Among his activities we can recall his assistance in the development of the library of "Ghobba" Mosque and the mosque itself , the library of the southern Tehran mosques and his political and ideological activities among the students.

After Imam khomeini's arrival he worked in the revolution committee and finally in March 1979 became a member of I.R.P central committee . During this period he worked in the organization section and after that he was involved in the coordination of different factories and before his martyrdom he was working in the high school section of the party.

He became a Martyr in the explosion of the Islamic Republic Party's central office.

Hasan  Bakhshayes


Martyr Hasan Bakhshayes

Brother Hasan Bakhshayesh was born in a religious and poor family in Tehran in 1957.

He was raised amid so many problems ruling on his family.

Because he had the gift of deprivation which makes maricles in the construction of personality he always tried to achieve his goals.

He always resisted the problems with cold blood and instead of following his emotions he always tried to remove the problems.

In 1976 he entered the university of sciences of Tabriz. Brother Hassan entered the political activities from the beginning of the first term.

Along with the beginning of the Islamic movement by the leadership of Imam Khomeini after the provocative article of "Etelaat" Newspaper in 1977 and uprising of people of "Tabriz" he became more active.

He had an important role in reproduction and distribution of Imam's leaflets in Tabriz.

In 1978 when people's struggle reached its peak he and some of his brothers in faith established an armed group they provided a weapon so hard by the help of one of his brothers.

But because of the victory of Islamic revolution they didn't use the weapon.

After the revolution and with the reopening of the universities he went back to Tabriz and Established a Islamic Movement center.

He had a very active role in the center and he was the connection man with the party and other new revolutionary organs.

And from the beginning he had a great interest in cooperating with the Islamic Republican Party.

In 1979 in the turmoil caused by the "Khalgh e Mosalman Party" in the dear "Azarbaijan" this center was in active cooperation with the only force that was resisting the "Khalgh e Mosalman Party".

The base of this Islamic force was the university.

He used to help his brothers in producing radio and Television programs.

After the downfall of "Khalgh e Mosalman Party" he and Some of His friends established the office of "Jahad e Sazandegi" in Tabrizan In1980.

With the beginning of the cultural revolution from Tabriz University in which he was one of the most effective activists he came to Tehran And After several months of activity

From sep.1980 he began his close organizational cooperation with the Islamic Republican Party and up to the moment of Martyrdom he was one of the most fruitful members of the Party.

Habibollah  Mehmanchi



Martyr Habibollah Mehmanchi

God demands his beloved ones to his throne and his name in Persian was Habibollah (God's beloved) so he was asked for and demanded by god to his throne. He had to become a Martyr and join god in the beginning of the "Ramadan" month. Because the party of god in Ramedan belongs to his beloved ones not the deprived ones.

Habibollah Mehmanchi was a parliamentary deputy of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

He was born in the Aug.1950 in Tehran in a religious family. He finished his primary and high school in Tehran , then he entered the Supreme school of Commerce and after getting his B.A he went to U.S.A to continue his studies in business administration, after two years he succeeded in getting his Masters and he returned home. His Thought and studies were formed like the Moses in the land of hero. He had relations with Muslim students of U.S.A and contrary to those Muslims who become westernized when they go to west he remained a filed Muslim and he was familiar with the true Islam. After his return to Iran because he didn't want to cooperate with the regime he chosen a free job and after the revolution he did some cultural work . Then he went to "Mustazefan" Foundation and was active in other revolutionary institutions. After the establishment of Mr Rajai's government he cooperated as the Parliamentary Deputy of

"Mr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi" the Minister of Labour .

He loved Imam Khomeini and always wished not to see Imam's absence. He used to pray that god gives him the advantage of Martyrdom and god answered him.

Mohammad Ali  Heydari


Martyr Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Ali Heydari

*** The Representative of the people of "Nahavand" ***

Martyr "Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Ali Heydari" was born in 1936 in "Ghom".

His father the late Hojjatol Islam Mommad Vali Heydari" was

Was one of the most outstanding and respected Ulema of the west of the country.

He has been very influential in this Region.

When he was 12 years old he begins his religious sciences and studied several years in "NAJAF".

After a While he goes to "Ghom" and begins his studies in Islamic sciences in one of the Hojreh's of Hozeh Elmiyeh.

He enjoied "Sath "lessons of "Ayatollah Meshkini" and other learned Ulema.

He passed a part of his Usul lessons by "Ayatollah Boroujerdi".

He studied his English language in "Ayatollah Dr. Behaeshti" classes.

He also studied philosophy in the classes of "Alammeh Tabatabai".

He studied a part of his "Feghh and Usul " in the classes of Imam Komeini.

He was completely of sciences of logic ,Philosophy ,Arab literature ,Persian literature, Quran interpretation ,social questions and philosophy in negation of communist and materialist schools.

He was a great scientist.

He used to teach economy to young Tollab , he also understood new sciences.

He had a Diploma in literature and had a great talent in mathematics.

He began his struggle in 1963 along with other learned men from "Hozeh Elmiyeh".

In 15th of "Khordad" (June ,5,1963)he invited people to join the struggle b speeches and leaflets against the Shah's Regime.

From this point on "Savak"was at his pursue and he was arrested along with other spiritual men (Rohaniyun e Mobarez) and was imprisoned and was transferred to "ghezel Ghaleh "prison afterwards.

After his liberation from prison he didn't stop his struggle .

After the demise of his father because all the people felt his absence the martyr goes to Nahavand and the western part of the country. and raised the banner of the liberation movement in "Nahavand".

After this the Regime organized the "Savak"of Nahavand because they were afraid of him.

They considered him as a follower of "Khomeini" and the main motive for disorder. In one of the documents of Savak one could read: where ever he resides in "Nahavand" something happens.

In 1975 he went to Lebanon on a mission from "Imam Khomeini" and talked to

"Imam Musa Sadr".

He returned to Iran after going to Mecca. After a while "SAVAK" arrested him on the charges of anti security offence . After several days of imprisonment they send him to "Babak" city to his excile. His residence in this city caused turmoil and uprising. After getting free from Jail he returned to "Nahavand" and people gave him a warm welcome that was exceptional in the history. There has been 200 Km s of buses, cars, motorcycles and walking men and women came to welcome him, sheeps and cows were scarified in front of him. His arrival resulted in a great revolution in this town and the nearby cities. After a short time he was again arrested and was sent to "Hamedan" jail. He was Imam's representative in "Nahavand" before the revolution.

In 1978 he and some other people from "Nahavand" came to Tehran to welcome Imam , but "Bakhtiyar" stopped the arrival of Imam and closed the airports, they then had a sit in the university. After the victory of the revolution he was appointed to the "Imam e Jamaat" post in "Nahavand" by Imam. He also was appointed to the post of "Ghazi e Shar "( The Shariat judge of Hamedan province).

He was the chief of the revolution committee In Hamedan. He was working for the continuation of the Islamic revolution and served Islam and the muslim nation.

He was also the chief of the majority of the revolutionary institutions in "Nahavand".

His activities in "Nahavand" were outstanding. He built a lot of baths and schools in the villages. He used to shovel the ground in order to send water to people's house in the villages. He built 50 units of houses for the deprived people. He became a Majlis candidate in the election and was elected to the post by the majority vote.

He went to Majlis. There are so many writings and poems published from him. He finally got martyred in June .28.1981 in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P in Tehran.

God bless his soul.

Hashem  Jafari


Martyr Dr.Hashem Jafari
***Moayeri Deputy Medical Care Minister***

This Martyr Dr. Hassan Jafari Moayeri was born in 1929 in Tabriz. He got his medical doctor's degree from "Tabriz" university.

In 1971 he got his specialist degree in general surgery from Tehran university. He started working as a general Dr. in health care department in "Kordestan" Province from 1959.

After that he rendered his services to the "Mostazafin" in different posts as follows:

1) General Doctor of "Khalkhal" health care department.

2)Chief of "Khalkhal" health care center

3)Deputy Chief of "Azarshahr" health care center

4)Chief of "Azarshahr" health care center

5)Doctor of "Damavand" health care center.

6)Chief of "Miyaneh" health care department

Martyr Dr. Moayeri was appointed to the post of General Director of Regional Organization of Tehran province health care department in 1979 he continued his service until early 1980 .

In 1980 he started working as the chief of the board of directors of those social security organizations.

After this job in 1980 he was posted to Ministry of Health care as the Deputy Minister in the Health care Affairs.

Dr. Moayeri lived clean in all his valuable life he sacrificed in the way of Islam.

Finally in the june.28.1981, he achieved his ultimate ideal of Martyrdom.

God bless his soul.

Ali Akbar  Ejei


Martyr Hojjatol Islam Ali Akbar Ejei

Martyr Ejei was born in 1952 in a clergy family in "Isfahan", his father was "Ayatollah Ali Mohammad Ejei" who was one of the most respected Mojtahedin of Isfahan.

He had a great role in his son's education and training.

After finishing his primary school he continued his studies in "Golbahar" high school and after finishing the 3rd grade of high school he began studying Islamic Sciences in "Sadr" and "Khajoo Mola Abdollah" schools.

At the same time he continued his studies in high school finally he got his Diploma and after that he consulted with the university and 2 great "Ayatollah"s and they advised him to study modern sciences then go to "Hozeh Elmiyeh" of "Ghom" to study Islamic Sciences.

He got his B.A in Psychology and Philosophy from Isfahan University at the same time he studied Islamic sciences .

He studied the primaries in "Irfan" school under the teachings of the late "Seyyed Ali Akbar Momeni" and he finished his "Sath" studies in the classes of great teachers like "Mohammad Bagher Emami" and in Philosophy he was a private student of

Dr. Beheshti.

Martyr Ejei began his religious social and political activities in 1965 with

"Jahan e Islam" scientific and training center which was an active base and a center of political and religious activities and had an important role in guiding the young generations.

He continued there until 1973 when "Savak" closed the center but he continued his religious , social and political activities in "Imam Ali" mosque after the center was close down.

His sessions of private discussions in addition to public classes and his disclosing lectures were carried on at a much expanded level.

He with the help of some of the brothers publish booklets by the name of

"The opportunity in the sunset" .

This publications were publish before by committed sisters in the training center.

He uses this opportunity beautifully.

After "Savak" stopped the publication of these booklets he published the booklets of

"Imam Ali" 's mosque.

These booklets were in relation to taking stances against the deviation of "Mojahedin e Khalgh" specially their "Shenakht "(cognition) book.

For example the booklets of "Faith from the view point of Quran" by Martyr Ejei,

"Sabr"(patience) by Martyr Ejei, "Taghva" (porosity) by Martyr Motahari, "Naghsh e Eyni ye vahy"(The objective role of revelation)By Master Parvaresh, "Tavakol"By Dr. Beheshti,"The role of personalities in History" By Allame Jafari, "Shab e Ghadr" By Martyr Ejei and the print run was between 20000 and 50000 copies.

After the coup of Marxists in "Mojahedin" and the Martyrdom of "Sharif Vaghefi" and

"Samadiyeh Labbaf " he cooperated with "Mahdiyoon" organization.

After this he had a thought relation with "Saff "Group.

This militant clergy was attacked by "Savak"agents several times and his house was always a base for militant young men and women.

In his social activities he closely cooperated with "Dr. Salavati".

Beside his political activities he had a trip to "Lybia" along with the brothers of I.R.P,

"Hojjatol Islam Hashemi Nejad", "Ostad Parvaresh" and "Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Montazeri".

In this trip they met With "Moammar Ghadafi" and other Libyan revolutionary personalities and he acquired great experiences .

This Mojahid Martyr with his deep political studies beside his Islamic studies disclosed

Atheist personalities who were against Islam and the revolution.

He almost disclosed all political parties from M.K.O to "Toudeh"party and "Fadaiyan" to "Liberals" and "Nationalists" and all the political bankrupts.

His articles like "Man and Ideology", "Poverty in Islamic view", "The Arabs and Israeli war"(By the name of the second Ramadan) and "The critics and review of the movement of the combatant Muslims", "Ommat".

He published these articles with the help of his brother.

He cooperated with the I.R.P's polit buro after he came to Tehran.

Finally in the sunset of June.28.1981 he was martyred in the explosion of the I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Mohammad Hussein  Sadeghi



Martyr Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Hussein Sadeghi
*** The Representative of the people of "Doroud" and "Azna" ***

The Martyr was born in 1923 in one of the villages of "Lorestan" Province in a religious family.

He loved Islamic Sciences from childhood and his first teacher was his father at the same time he was farming too.

At the age of 15 he taught Quran to kids and teenagers of the nearby villages.

he was 18 years old when he went to "Ghom" and in the beginning he took part in the classes of great Ulema like "Imam Musa Sadr" , "Haj Sheykh Hassan Ghomi" and

"Ayatollah Boroujerdi" and studied Islamic sciences.

After the demise of "Ayatollah Boroujerdi" he took part in the Classes of

"Imam Khomeini", "Ayatollah Golpaygani" and "Marashi Najafi".

He like other Tollab used to go to different cities to propagate and guide the people.

He did this with his lectures and holding religious meetings.

He was actively involved in the bloody uprising og 15 of "Khordad" in defense of "Imam Khomeini"(June 5th 1963). In one of the demonstrations for objecting the so called referendum of the Shah he delivered several hot speeches over the hand of people.

While the people were chanting "We follow the Quran we don't want refrandom".

In the same day he got arrested by the"SAVAK" while being in front of

"Hazrat e Masoumeh" holy shrine.

He was tortured for 3 days then he was transferred to "Ghezel Ghaleh" prison in Tehran.

In the prison he spent sometimes in "Ayatollah Taleghani" cell and because of people pressure on the Regime he was freed.

After the freedom his disclosed the Regime Violently and by making trips to districts and different villages of the country gave the Imam's massages to the people and invited them to general uprising against the Shah's Regime.

He was threatened by "SAVAK" several times during this period.

He actively participated in the revolution and people's struggle under the leadership of Imam Khomeini.

In 16th of "Ramadan" of 1978 he was imprisoned by Aligoudarz "Savak" and was freed after a while .

He continued his struggle against Shah's Regime.

Under the pressures there came his conflict with "SAVAK".

Therefore he was sent to "Ghom" from "Azna" by people invitation and from "Ghom" to "Sanjan" of "Arak".

He was responsible for demonstrations and objections .

After the victory of the revolution he was responsible for the "Azna" revolutionary committee.

He established revolutionary organs by the help of people.

Then by the ruling of "Ayatollah Meshkini" and others he was appointed as the Chief Justice of Aligoudarz revolutionary court.

In "Azna" he was threatened several times by anti revolutionary groups.

But the continued his path.

In the Majlis election he got elected from "Doroud" and "Azna".

He was a serious M.P .

He was never absent ,he believed in organization in Islamic activities .

In his lectures he always mentioned group work and order.

He believed that taking part in I.R.P meetings was a must.

Finally in the night of June.28.1981 he along with "Dr. Beheshti" and 71 other shining stars of the revolution was martyred and achieved his ideal.

God bless his soul.

Emadeddin  Karimi



Martyr Emadeddin Karimi
*** People's Representative of "Noshahr" ***

Martyr Emadeddin Karimi was born in 1932 in the village "Kashkak" near "Noshahr" in a clergy family.

His father was a known spiritual man in the region but his economic condition was bad. He studied the reading of Quran Under his father's teachings then he went to "Noshahr" and Tehran to continue his studies. After getting his diploma he went to "Mashhad" and spent more than five years in the dark Hojrehs with poverty and studied the sciences of the time and finally he went5 to Ghom to continue his studies. He was one of "Ayatollah Boroujerdi" 's students. In his speeches on one hand he used to preach the true Islam and on the other hand guided people toward a rebellion against the shah's regime by disclosing Shah's atrocities.

Most of his speeches were delivered in "Noshahr" and the suburban cities and villages like "Alamdeh".

He was sent to the "SAVAK" of "Noshahr" several times but he was released after two days of interrogation and added to his activities against the regime. Because he didn't participated in the prayer for the Shah he was beaten badly by the "SAVAK" agents several times . Savak was after him so he used to leave the region at nights. After the victory of the revolution he was sent forward to the arena of the election by the people so he understanding the full responsibility of a P.M accepted to become a parliament member . He was elected by the people of "Noshahr" .

His works for the people of the region will be always remembered . He got martyred in the Sunset of June.28.1981 in the Explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Tohid  Razmjouwin



Martyr Tohid Razmjouwin

Martyr Mohammad Tohid Razmjouwin was born in 1951 in Tehran, because his family was economically weak he pursued the work and his studies at the same time. he left school in first grade of high school because
of pouerty.

but two years later continued his studies and family got his diploma then he entered Tehran institute of technology and continued his studies. it was a year later when he was arrested by Savak. he was in jail for about six months .
After getting freed from the jail he entered the institute again and continued his studies. in 1977 he got his B.S in industries because of his belief he was exiled to "Chehel Dokhtar" as a soldier. he escaped from the base during the revolution .he had tolerated
a lot of tortures in the period before the revolution .
Mohandes Razmjouwin became the internal director of "Saravel" company after the resolution and with the post of membership in the national industry's directing board went there he was kidnapped by a plan of terrorist groups but he was released because of the awareness of the committee and the guardians ,finally in the sun set of jun/28/1981 he became a martyr in the temple of the lovers of the Sar Cheshmeh Karballa in the explosion of the I.R.P's central office in Tehran.
God bless his soul.

Mohammad Hassan  Teyebi



Martyr Hojjat ol Islam Mohammad Hassan Teyebi
*** The Representative of the people of Tehran ***

Martyr Hojjatol ol Islam Mohammad Hassan Teyebi was born in 1931 in "Rouin" village one of the provinces of "Asfarayen " city in a house that was so poor.

He learned Quran and passed the primary levels of Islamic verdicts under the teaching of his father "Mulla Rahmani".

When he was 10 his father died and following that martyr "Tayyebi" went to "Mashhad" to study supreme lessons of Islam.

After passing the " Sath " level by teaching of the late "Adib" and "Modares" in

"Elmiyeh school" of "Mashhad".

He got married at the age of 35 and he returned to his birth place for propaganda.

Because from the beginning of his life he was religious , healthy, honest and kind to the people he was paid attention to and people used to ask for his help in all problems and difficulties of life.

He was loved by the people ,he used to do farming to earn his living.

Who ever talked to him listened to him carefully, he became a P.M with that same address.

And he was martyred without any change .

In 1971 he went to Mecca .

In all times he would disclose the Regime and publish the tapes and leaflets of Ulema.

After the events of 1977 his struggle expanded and it effected the Region.

The Regime attacked and suppressed the people by arms but people resisted.

He became a P.M from "Asfarayen" and it was because people trusted him and his friends helped.

He always loved faithful and pious people and he always participated in the discussions and sessions in Imam's line.

Until in one of these sessions he along with martyr Dr. Baheshti and other loyal Imam's aids, he became a Martyr.

God Bless his soul.

Iraj  Shahsavari



Martyr Iraj Shahsavari

*** Deputy Minister of Education ***

He was Born in 1946 " Bijar " in a middle class family.

He studied until 3rd.grade of high school in "Bijar "and he study 1 year in "Sanandaj ".

He says :" In 1964 I work as a daily paid teacher in " Bijar "villages and until 1966 when I got my Diploma I was teaching in the villages of "Bijar " as a daily paid teacher.

Meanwhile during the Summers I would go to mosques and study Islamic sciences and what would have not been solved during the year by question i would have learned by my presents in Feb. of 1966 I went for my Military service after 4 month of training in "Hamedan" base I started teaching in the villages of "Khorasan".

After I finished my service in 1968 I again began to teach in "Bijar " villages.

This time as an official teacher .

In 1969 I was transferred to "Shahryar " near "Karaj" at the same time I was studying Persian literature in night classes of literature supreme school then I was transferred to Tehran and I studied Arabic Literature in night classes of literature Faculty of

Tehran University.

In 1973-74 school years I studied for my master degree in Persian literature.

After finishing my studies I was still teaching meanwhile I was managing Quran classes and principle of belief classes based on my religious responsibility.

And maybe because of this "SAVAK" searched my room several times.

He finally became a Martyr in the Explosion in central office of I.R.P in Tehran in June,28,1981.

God bless his soul.

Javad  Maleki



Martyr Javad Maleki

Martyr Javad Maleki was born in 1952 in a family in which religion had a deep root and was the axis for any kind of move his life was as simple as the life of all kids living in South Tehran.

From that period Javad was distinguished among his friends, a hard working spirit that relayed on himself and knew his responsibilities.

He shared in the slightest affairs of the house and he respected his parents.

The respect he had for his parents made him a friendly face whom everybody loved.

His wit and talent distinguished him in all his school years from his classmates.

Years of childhood and teenage years were passing and Javad with his presence in the primary and high school and the university and his participation in social and religious activities got more revolutionary experience and watered the steel of his spirit .

Entering the university was a turning point in his life. He entered the University of "Tarbiyat Modares" in 1971 and studied Physics.

With the tide of the Regime's crimes the struggle should have become more organized and get a principled form and be in accordance with the school of thought and one should have a sociological and realistic inside to continue it otherwise these activities would have not created any dangers for those wild animal like Mercenaries.

Therefore while working days and night in the university and by gathering the students and organizing them and establishing Islamic associations and programming mountain climbing and .... they had contact with the right type of the clergy who were in close contact with Imam and from then on one of his fundamental works was to send the boys to this direction the same direction that the colonialism and specially the Shah's Regime tried every trick to put distance between the students Muslim intellectuals and
Imam's movement so by separating these two groups whose unity is the hope of the Islamic Umma continue their rip off.

In this relation Javad found a way to Javid Mosque and beside Martyr "Dr. Mofateh" was one of the most active youngsters and students in that mosque up to the order of Reza Khan to shut down the mosque.

These same relations were good for him and his brothers in faith specially in the change of ideology affairs in "Mojahedin Khalgh" organization he saved a lot of Muslim young men who were shuttered by the organization's declaration against Islam and the Islamic faith were saved by the guidance of Martyr Beheshti.

He consolidated his relation with Dr. Beheshti his master and guide.

In this era he was active in compiling a booklet on the question of the Islamic ideology and the Islamic Economy which were the main axis of Monafeghin attacks on Islam.

He organized many classes in different mosques using these booklets for the young Muslim students so that the devise of "Monafeghin" was disclosed .

With the creation of "Ghoba" Mosque he and his brother and his other friends who had chosen the line of Imam Khomeini joined in with the clergy.

He participated in the organization of classes and the establishment of the library and the aid fund he also was very active in the programming of the first "Ead Fetr" in 1977 with the tide of the Islamic movement he organized an organization that was conected to the clergy related to Imam by forming Quran classes and the classes of the principles of belief .

These cells after finding ideology political school of thought began a series of armed propaganda missions against the Shah's Regime.

In1978 in the case of the "Tabbas" earthquick in the turmoil of the revolution he and Martyr "Hassan Ejarehdar", "Habibollah Maleki" and "Asghar Zamani" went to the scene by the order of Dr.Beheshti .

There they faced a wrong line that was against the clergy in the name of Islam they were trying to change the peoples base form taking position in favor of Imam to taking position against Imam and the clergy.

Javad and his friends organized an organization that fought this line then they sent in help from Tehran ,"Dr. Beheshti" sent in "Nategh Nouri" to "Tabbas" and in this way that line was completely isolated.

When he returned from "Tabbas" he got married and when he was going to "Isfahan" to continue his armed struggle against the Regime a dynamite exploded in the hands of his wife in the bus station he controlling his nerves transferred his wife to Tehran before the Regime's agents reached the place and hospitalized her in a hidden hospital with the hope of the help of other sisters and brothers.

From this point on Javad's work became harder because he had an active role in all the people demonstrations in favor of the clergymen.

He worked during the day and used to see his wife in the hospital at nights he had an important role in the welcoming committee of Imam for his arrival along with Martyr "Sadegh Islami" and Martyr "Hassan Ejarehdar" and after the victory of the revolution he worked hard for the creation of the first cells of the revolution committees with the two other Martyr brothers in these days I.R.P was established and declared it's existence he contacted "Mr.Beheshti" and "Dr. Beheshti" asked him and his friends to come and organize the party he accepted the offer and stayed in this brigade up to the end of his life he established the organization of the I.R.P and because of his hard work he was asked to join the central committee .

Finally in June.28.1981 he became Martyr in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Seyyed Mohammad Taghi  Husseini Tabatabai



Martyr Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Husseini Tabatabai

Martyr Hojjatol Islam Val Moslemin Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Husseini Tabatabai was Born in 1928 in "Zabol" in a deprived farmer "Sistani" family.

He got Familiar with sufferance from childhood .After primary Trainings ,he continued his Studies in "Ghom " and "Najaf " and in both Hozeh his teachers were great Ulema and reached the level of " Ijtihad ".

He had great talent able pen a pure faith and a mastic porosity and a heart full of love.

Because of this When he finished his studies he returned to his birth place which is the Symbol of cultural and economic poverty in our country, to guide his people to take their hands to be their companion in their problems and share their sorrows.

The books :

*Mantegh e Manzoom

*Montahi al Mizan

And an Arabic Booklet in praising "Ali Alleyhe Salam" who is the first Imam of the "Shia", are among his works.

In the past Regime while managing the "Elmiyeh Hozeh of Zabol" and Imam of "Jamaat" he propagated the fundaments of Islam and the Supreme religious values.

One of the matters that occupied his mind was the unity of "Shia" and "Sunies" in the way of which he did a lot of works, he considered the separation as a tool in the hands of colonialism.

Martyr Husseini was the important factor and effective element in the arrival of the waves of the revolution to "Zabol".

On one hand he invited the propagator to the region to elevate the level of Islamic and the revolutionary knowledge of people up and on the other hand with respect that "Zabol" was a boarder city he had a fundamental role in the escape of revolutionaries and Mojahedan who had to escape in order to do their revolutionary activities .

He had an effective role in the escape of Martyr "Andarzgou".

So many of the great Ulema like "Ayatollah Khazali" and "Salavati" and "Izadi" "Nadjafabadi" who were exiled to "Zabol" were welcomed to his house with all his purity and honesty . He was beaten to death because of these activities and they took him to Tehran and put him in jail.

After the victory of the revolution he had an effective role in the stabilization of the Islamic revolution in the region . After the election was set forth for the Majlis martyr Tabatabai was elected as the P.M from "Zabol" .

In the Majlis he worked hard for the removal of cultural and economic problems of the region He was really a soldier of "Sahebe Zaman " who finally got martyred in the night of June.28.1981 in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P in Tehran along with

Dr. Beheshti and 71 other shining stars of the Islamic revolution.

Javad  Asadullahzadeh



Martyr Javad Asadullahzadeh

Martyr Javad Asadullahzadeh was born in 1950 in "Mashhad'.

He finished his primary and high school in "Mashhad" then he was accepted in Tehran university and eventually he graduated and got his B.A in economics.

After finishing his military service he left for U.S.A to continue his studies for a masters degree in economics. After getting his masters degree he continued his studies up to getting his P.H.D in economics.

In the united states he was a political activist, he organized Islamic associations in 5 different cities of the U.S.A.

He always participated in demonstrations without masks.

He was also participating in group praying organized by 700 other brothers.

When Imam Khomeini announced that he will be back in Iran he left his P.H.D thesis in the U.S.A and went to Paris immediately to obey Imam Khomeini's order for "Jihad".

He wanted to become a Martyr of Islam.

He came back to Iran with Imam. Then after wards he spent a short time in syria along with some other friends. In Syria they occupied the Iranian Embassy and cleaned it from the Shah's agents, they also hanged Imam's picture at the top of the entrance of the embassy.

Then when they returned to Iran they began their activity in I.R.P in "Mashhad" branch.

He also began teaching Islamic economy in "Mashhad" .

In Tehran he was chosen as the director general of the Guarantee and export fund and at the same time he began teaching in the Supreme school of commerce.

After a while he was chosen as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Commerce in the Ministry of commerce in the government of Martyr "Rajai" and set forth the proposal of nationalizing the foreign trade system . He loved the "Rohaniyat e Mobarez" , Imam's line and Martyr Dr. Beheshti, he finally got martyred along with 71 other shinning stars of the Islamic revolution in June/28/1981 in the I.R.P headquarters in Tehran.

A daughter has remained from the Martyr.

He defined the Islamic economy as follows:

Some people imagine that Islam is a system between Socialism and Capitalism, in effect it is not so,.

Islamic economy is not a middle way system between these two , it is an independent and superior system , and its independence and superiority is because of its special specificities.

God bless his soul.

Javad  Sarhaddi



Martyr Javad Sarhaddi

***General Director of Village and Cities Consumption ***
** Cooperation Organization **

Martyr Javad Sarhaddi was born in 1938 in a small town of "Songhor" of "Kermanshah" province in a middle class and religious family.

His father was a shopkeeper.

He started working from childhood and kept this way of life up to his Martyrdom.

He finished his primary school in "Songhor" and entered high school in the same city and he stayed in that school up to the 3rd grade of high school.

But because there were no facilities in that town , he came to Tehran to follow the ideal goal.

In Tehran because he didn't have enough money he had to quite studying for several years.

He finally found a job in a shop and continued his studies.

He used to work during the days and study during the nights.

He finally got his Diploma ,then because he couldn't go to University he began working in "Bazzar".

There he got acquainted with different religious and political personalities.

So he began his struggle, his studies of the Islamic sciences was not programmed.

He studied on his own and gathered a relatively good knowledge about the Islamic sciences.

He participated in charity activities and the establishment of aid centers to help the deprived and the orphans.

He almost spent all his time serving this deprived social strata.

He also helped the families of religious political prisoners financially and gave all he had to the militants who were fighting the Shah's Regime.

He participated in meetings and demonstrations in the U.S.A and finally got his B.A in Economics from "Huston" university.

Because he fought in the way of Islam he was so many time threatened to be killed by the fascist police of the U.S.A.

They confiscated all he had in the U.S.A.

After the revolution he became the student department supervisor in the Iranian Embassy in "Huston" ,then he became the Islamic Republic trusted man in "Huston", "Texas".

After returning to Iran in 1979 he started working in Revolution committees for a year .

During this period he rendered great services to the revolution by arresting the ex regime's agents and in collecting the confiscated wealth.

After this period by the order of Prime Minister "Mohammad Ali Rajai" he became the General Director of the Village and Cities Consumption Cooperation Organization.

He had a great spirit that was full of faith, sacrifice, resistance and love for Islam.

We cannot describe this great man in this short Biography.

He used to work 17 to 19 hours a day.

His great morals was an example for all of us, he was a father for the orphans and we all cried for a lost father we he became a Martyr.

Mahmoud  Balagar



Martyr Mahmoud Balagar

Martyr Mahmoud Balagar was born in Iraq in 1958 in a poor family.

After a short period he and his family came to Tehran.

From his childhood he was greatly different from other kids of his own age.

He loved to do the religious verdicts and unable to accept force.

This characteristic made him fight for his rights all the time.

He was so loyal to "Shariat" verdicts That at the time of his Martyrdom he didn't have any delayed prayers.

Because he always search for the truth in the last years of his high school (Marvi High school) he understood that Pahlavi Regime was a despotic Regime.

And he started his political activity against Pahlavi Regime right after that time.

And he began with distributing Imam's leaflets and discussion with others.

During the days of revolution he participated in all demonstrations with love for Martyrdom.

At the time of the downfall of the Regime he and his friends took part in conquered the Military bases.

After the victory of the revolution because of Imam's order that Military bases should be filled by Muslims he went to service voluntarily although he could use leave from service.

After while he went to "Sumar" voluntarily in the west of the country.

Despite the barriers that were created for him he went to "Ghatour"after he returned from "Sumar" and took part in the liberation of this sensitive region from "Saddammists".

He was very kind and pious and he always asked others to pray for him that he would become a Martyr.

This was his only demand.

After his service with a mind full of sorrow because he didn't become a Martyr he decided to find a job for himself that would be in service of Islam.

After this decision he accepted the responsibility of tape recording in Islamic Republic Party so he would share the publication of Islamic beliefs love of the Martyrdom didn't leave him even for a moment.

Sometimes when they brought Martyrs of war to Tehran he would go To the dead body washing room and would kiss the Martyrs head and faces.

He hoped this honor would one day be his.

Martyr Mahmoud Balagar several months before his Martyrdom had chosen a good wife for himself in order to execute divine verdicts.

And he wanted to begin his common life after the "Ramadan" month.

Finally in June .28.1981 he was martyred along with 71 of Imam's best friends.

Mahdi  Nasiri Lari


Martyr Mahdi Nasiri Lari

Martyr Mahdi Nasiri Lari was born in 1933 in the village "Arzouyeh" around "Sirjan" city in a farmer family. His childhood and teenage years was passed with a great hardship. His primary and high school years were passed with great sufferance because he became an orphan.

He continued his higher education in the Tehran Supreme school in the major of education.

After getting his B.A in 1961 he went to "Sirjan" and began to propagate Islam's revolutionary teachings and disclosing the Shah's regime in the brigade of school and the Mosque.

His cultural movement had a constructive effect in the social and thought development of the people of "Sirjan" ,"Kerman", "Bandar Abass" and "Lar" .

The Shah's regime which couldn't tolerate his intellectual activities in the region exiled him to "Isfahan" and did not allow him to teach and finally retired him before the due time because of his revolutionary activities. but he continued his activities in public and underground.

Finally his wishes were realized and the revolution became victorious.

After the victory of the revolution he was the governor of "Sirjan" for a year.

He was elected to the Majlis from "Larestan" city and became a member of Economic and Financial Affairs Commission of Majlis. Finally he got martyred with 71 other shining stars of the Islamic revolution in the Sunset of June.28.1981 in the explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran. He was a poet, mystic and a militant man.

God Bless his soul.

Javad  Sarfaraz


Martyr Javad Sarfaraz

Martyr Sarfaraz was born in 1953 in Tehran.

His father was "Hojjatol Islam Haj Sheykh Abolfazl Sarfaraz".
He was one of the propagators of the "Ahlolbeyt "school and one of the most famous lecturers of Tehran who beside the post of lecture and propaganda was a founding father of 2 Islamic schools by the name of " Valiasr "primary school and "Jahanara" high school in "Gholhak".

The father of Martyr Sarfaraz was one of the hard working and resistant revolutionaries that had spent so much of his life in the ex regime's prisons.

In the later years of his prison term he was in a cell with " Ayatollah Dast Gheyb"

(Imam's representative in Shiraz) and "Ayatollah Shahrokhi"

(The Friday prayer Imam of "Khoram Abad and the people's representative in Majlis").

Martyr Sarfaraz was the first son and the second child of the family of that great spiritual man.

He passed his primary school in "Valiasr" primary school of "Ghom" and after Imam was exiled to Turkey their family went to "Gholhak" of "Shemiran" and while propagated the school of "Ahlolbeyt" thought played an active role in educating the young people.

In these same years Martyr Sarfaraz got his Diploma in "Shahryar" and "Nikan" high schools.

He got his Diploma in mathematics then he went to his Military service after finishing his Military service he went to England to continue his studies .

Martyr Sarfaraz had a great spirit and a strong and revolutionary faith.

After finishing his level in leads by the invitation of some of the students residing in India he went to India and continued his studies in sociology in Banglor.

After his arrival to India he established secret meetings of religious consultation.

After 3 months with the serious cooperation of some of the Muslim students in the birthday of the 11th Imam of "Shia" he established and declared the existence of the Islamic association of Iranian students in India, Banglor.

Martyr Sarfaraz followed the morals and the traditions of the messenger Mohammad (S.A) and "Aemme ye Masumin".

Martyr Javad Sarfaraz was an outstanding personality in the student movement against Shah's Regime.

His work that has remained in Banglor is the "Islamic Association of the Iranian Students" that continues his path.

Martyr Javad as the representative of the Islamic Association of Iranian Students in Banglor along with another brother met with Imam in Paris.

And declared to Imam that all Iranian students are ready to sacrifice everything and talked about the Islamic movement in India.

Martyr Sarfaraz Married a sister member of the Islamic Association of Iranian Students in "Puna"(Sister Rudabeh Husseini).

Our Martyr despite the negative will of his brothers returned to Iran in the last week of jan.1979.

He participated in the armed struggle against the Shah's Regime side by side the heroic nation of Iran.

Martyr Sarfaraz had an active role after the revolution beside Dr.Beheshti in I.R.P.

Martyr Beheshti used to say that Sarfaraz is my arm.

He was member of the central committee of the party , he also was the head of office and the training manager and the supervisor of one of the district cells of the party.

Beside his responsibilities in the party he was the Director General of "Isiran" public relations office and was responsible manager of the computer site.

Finally he got Martyr in June/28/1981 along with 72 other shinning stars of the Islamic
Revolution in the explosion of the I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God bless his soul.

Seyyed Mohammad  Paknejad



Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Paknejad
Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Paknejad was son of Seyyed Abolghasem and was born in 1939 in "Yazd" in a spiritual family.

His grand fathers all were high level Ulema and clergy man in the city of "Yazd".

And because he was familiar with the religious questions from the beginning of his life he began studding Islamic discussions and along with his studies he deeply searched and studied Quran.

Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Paknejad finished his primary school in national school of Islam and he finished hinds high school in "Yazd" and Tehran.

After finishing high school because of his interest in religion he had chosen "Lebanon" for continuation of his studies in university.

While he was in Lebanon he was active in Islamic accusations and most important of all he understood the classes and lectures of "Imam Musa Sadr " he was the man who guided him to work for the attainment of his goals.

Although his stay in Lebanon s short but it had great fruits for him.

The Martyr went from Lebanon to Germany and then to Switzerland and chosen the city of Ball for his stay and study.

Because he did most of his study on the economic questions in Islam he chosen economics as his major in the university and while studying he did a lot of research on the questions of economics in Islam and he rendered his doctrine on the same subject.

Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Paknejad worked in a Bank and a trading company for a while to understand and touch economic questions practically.

He passed 20 years of his life abroad and during this period he was active in Islamic Associations and put his ideas to practice he participated in the strikes against the Pahlavi Regime.

In 1978 with the rising waves of Islamic Revolution he returned to Iran to disclose the Regime and he was in Iran during the revolution.

In March.1979 he went to Switzerland to return back to Iran forever.

His goals were to serve Islam and Moslems after several months he returned to Iran and started to work as a member of the board of directors of Wood and Paper industries.

He gave so many good economic plans to the ministry of Trade.

Finally in june.28.1981 he became a Martyr along with his brother

"Dr. Seyyed Reza Paknejad" in the explosion of the central office of Islamic Republican Party.

Abbas Ali  Nategh Nouri



Martyr Abbas Ali Nategh Nouri

Martyr Abbas Ali Nategh Nouri was born in July.25.1935 in Nour and when the allied forces attacked Iran in 1941 he used to go to primary school.

He finished his primary years fast and for some reasons he had to quite studding and become a mechanic to earn a living, he past a long time of his valuable life as a mechanic but because he loved the school and the classes so despite a hard work in intolerable conditions he began learning sciences and specially the religious sciences and he began a research in the religions of Islam. With hard work he soon became the lecturer and a teacher of Quran.

He taught the young ones with a very simple language what he had learned, he made them happy reading and studying religion and Islamic lessons.

He used to hold meetings in deserted areas and teach and deliver lectures.

He worked much and rested less,3 hours of rest a day was enough for him he used to spend the rest of the day studding and teaching Martyr Nategh nouri was active in Islamic groups like " Heyathaye Motalefeh Islami (that were under the leadership of the leader of the revolution ,"Imam Khomeini")and were administered by Martyr Beheshti and Motahari.

This martyr and his brother Ahmad had an important role in the ten man grouping network. After the terror of Husseinali Mansour in which a group of Motalefeh were arrested Martyr Abbas held meetings and disclosed Shah's criminal acts, therefore "Savak" wanted him , they stopped his lectures and he delivered lectures with the fake names.

Finally Savak arrested him and he was put in jail.

The young men he had trained organized a group by the name of "Fadai of Islam" which was in connection with the clergy and the group "Fajre Islam", they published pamphlets and did other anti regime activities . in 1978 this group was identified and in Savak's attack to one of their hiding places some people including his son were arrested. They were in jail up to the time of "Bakhtiyar" but he managed to escape, the Regime which had lost hope of arresting him ordered his terror where ever they found him but they couldn't find him.

He was saved and after the revolution he rendered great services to the revolutionary Iran! The country was getting ready for the "Majlis" elections and he became a candidate from "Nour" and was elected to the post by %67 of the vote.

It was in this brigade that in June/28/1981 he gets martyr in the explosion of the I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God bless his soul.

Abbas  Ebrahimian



Martyr Abbas Ebrahimian

It was in the beginning of the revolution that I got acquainted with brother Abbas Ebrahimian in "Imam Emdad committee". He was a kind and hard working man in the way of Islam and the Islamic revolution. He was working with his own car in the committee. After a while and after the establishment of the party he and some other brothers began their cooperation with the Islamic Republic party , he was working in the public relation office. In the provincial cities unit , in the public relations office of the cities he was very active . then he went to another unit and then from there he went to the party's organization unit . During this time he showed a lot of sacrifice.

From his characteristics was that for the ideals of the sacred religion of Islam he had forgiven all his existential demands. For example he was born in a religious family but because some of the members of his family had joined the M.K.O he had cut relations with his own family and they did all kind of wrong things in his name.

For example the M.K.O had stolen his car , then after this brother took the case to the court , they found the car and the court found the M.K.O guilty but the M.K.O sentenced this brother to steeling property of the M.K.O, or in the M.K.O meetings disorders which was planned by the M.K.O itself they called this brother and other brothers the "MOB" While the organization and dependent groups themselves were the Mob.

Among these incidents in the turmoil of Khazaneh and Amjadieh and other beatings they called this brother the Stick holders and the Mob. Martyre Ebrahimian had a great and strong faith . When his two sisters who were M.K.O members and were executed because of participation in armed uprising against the Republic and the killing of innocent people this brother showed revolutionary patience. This kind of approach was very rare .

When his parents came to him in the Party's central office the day before his Martyrdom and asked him to show them where his other convicted brother was he approached them in a very implicit way . This was a glance on the life of this brother in the duration of our acquaintance i have not said much about him . If I had to tell all about him

Hussein  Saadati



Martyr Hojatollislam Hussein Saadati

Martyr Hussien Saadati was born in 1956 in "Neyshabour" in a clergy family. He first went to "Mashhad" for studying Islamic sciences , then he went to "Ghom" to continue his studies.

He was still in "Mashhad" when he got acquainted with young and militant clergymen .

In objection to the shutdown of the classes of his excellence the leader of the revolution he was arrested too.

At the peak of people's struggle he came to Tehran and from then on he continued his struggle up to his Martyrdom. He rendered great services in Quran teaching and teaching of the principles of beliefs all around the country.

He played a great role in the welcome committee for the arrival of Imam Khomeini and the revolution committees and joined the Islamic Republican party in 1979. In the summer of 1980 he passed sometimes in "Mazandaran" province and during these times he succeeded to organize several lecture sessions for "Ayatollah Beheshti" in the cities of "Mazandaran".

And finally in the night of June.28.1981 he was martyred at the I.R.P headquarters in Tehran along with 72 other shining stars of the Islamic revolution.

God bless his soul.

Abbas  Heydari


Martyr Abbas Heydari

Martyr Abbas Heydari was born in Aug.16.1944 in one of the villages of Shiraz By the name of " Javadiyyeh Kooshk Bibicheh " in a poor family.

He finished his primary school in that village and finished the first 3 years of high school in one of the schools of "Ghasr ol Dasht "Which is 6 km far from Shiraz.

In 1963 he got his Diploma from "Abouzar" high school of Shiraz.

In 1966 he starts working as a communication technician in the Ministry of Post and Telegraph.

He was working in Macro wave Department.

After the beginning of the revolution in 1963 under the leadership of Imam Khomeini because he was familiar with Imam movement's line he started doing research in ideological fields.

He believed that in order that to make people aware one should start from rural youngsters because this young people have the necessary grounds for healthy thoughts.

Almost all of them were honest.

He started his struggle in the village he was born in.

After studding the works of "Dr. Shariati" he tried to guide the teenagers of the village toward the school of this great thinker.

After a while "SAVAK" wanted him so he began his underground struggle.

In1977 in order to stop his struggle they transferred him to " Boushehr "and he immediately continued his activities there.

He organized resistance and study cells.

He tried so hard for the progress of the Islamic revolution.

He was an expert in communication and had an active role in sending Imam Messages to Iranian cities and specially "Ghom".

After the victory of Islamic Revolution people of "Boushehr " elected him as their representative in Majlis.

He continued his struggle in a new brigade in a new form and in a new period with complete interest in Imam line.

He was martyred in June.28.1981 in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P

Abdolvahab  Ghasemi



Martyr Abdolvahab Ghasemi

Martyr Ghasemi was born in 1933 in one of the villages of "Savad Kooh"(Liverak) in a spiritual man family.

Based on the living environment he learned reading , writing and reading of Quran in the childhood.

He finished his primary school in his birth place.

He spent 3 years in "Babol" studding the primary levels of Islamic Sciences and in order to continue his studies he went to Tehran.

He participated in the classes of great Ulema in "Haj Abolhassan Memar Bashi" and "Khazen ol Molk" schools, he went to "Hozeh" of "Mashhad" in 1955 and enjoyed the classes of great Ulema of "Mashhad" and because of his talent he became one of the outstanding students of the lessons and classes of "Ayatollah Haj Sheykh Hashem Ghazvini" and "Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Hadi Milani " and went to the borders of "Ijtihad".

He became politically active from the beginning of the Imam's movement and were actively involved in the political movement in "Mashhad" .

He was in the front line, he was an able lecturer .

He became the cry of the revolution and consequently was arrested by "Savak".

After the tide of the movement passed our society in 1963 they sent him to jail and then to Military service despite his age which was 30.

There the Doctor stopped his service because he had an eye problem.

The Doctor advised him to get awy from the line of struggle on the second day of his release he started the struggle all over again with a higher voice that ignored all those tortures and sufferance and threats.

He invited people to an uprising against the Shah's Regime.

In 1965 he went to "Sari " and stayed there because he was ordered by great Ulema to reside there on the invitation of certain believers.

He opened a line of the movement courageously and without any fear in the center city of the province.

He was arrested and jailed so many times and he was tortured several times by the Tehran Police committee.

He continued the struggle after each prison time believers never forget his firy speeches and lectures against the Shah's Regime.

The eco of his tone is still in the city's atmosphere.

He was the "Sari" people representative in the "Majlis" and he worked for the flourishment of Islam.

He finally got martyred in June.28.1981 in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Ali Mohammad  Majidi


Martyr Ali Mohammad Majidi
*** Development consultant of Minister of Interior ***

Martyr Mohandes Ali Mohammad Majidi was born in 1946 in a religious and faithful family.

He lost his father at age of 5, from then on his mother and his older brothers managed his life with love sand sacrifice.

He finished his primary school and the 5th grade of high school in "Kermanshah" and "Khoramabad" cities.

He finished his 2 last years of high school in "Hadaf no.1" high school in1965.

He got graduated from the technical faculty of Tehran University in civil engineering in 1970.

From the beginning of the year 1978 when the waves of Islamic Revolution expanded in Iran, he participated in all demonstrations and popular movement of that time and he help to establish the Government of God's Religion.

By the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini ,he who wished to remove people problems he began his activities by becoming a member of Engineering unit of I.R.P.

He was sent to "Gonbad" and "Bandar Torkaman" and the border villages of that region to help the better and faster execution of development plans of the state.

He also supervised the securing of drinking water in those regions.

From 1979 to 1980 he was serving as the Deputy Governor of the state in development.

In 1980 because of his interest in being sent to the fronts he was appointed to go to the western borders, in order to supervise and cooperate with the guardians of the Revolution and the Army.

This Mission was a short one.

After returning to Tehran in 1981 he was appointed to the post of Development consultant of Interior Ministry.

He finally got martyred in june.28.1981 in the explosion of I.R.P Central office in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Gholam Hussein  Haghani



Martyr Hojjatol Islam Gholam Hussein Haghani
*** The Representative of the people of "Bandar Abbas" ***
Martyr Haghani was born in 1941 in "Ghom" in a clergy family, he finished his primary and high school in Tehran .

After 2 years because of his love for studying the religious sciences and understanding Islam with the consent of his father returned to his birth place "Ghom" in 1946.

He enjoyed the school of Islam and the classes of great Ulema and scientists.

He begin studding religious sciences with a great effort and special interest.

He enjoyed the classes of great teachers and Ulema like the late "Ayatollah Damad", "Haj Sheykh Abbas Ali Shahroudi" and "Haeri".

Then he participated in Imam's classes for some years.

Hojjatol Islam Haghani who had become a "Mujtahed" himself used to publish so many articles without names.

He found the establishments of "DAR RAH E HAGH" and "USUL E DIN"by the help of great teachers and Ulema of "Hozeh Elmiyeh Ghom" and he is considered as their main member .

He spent some of his time during these years to compile the booklets in answering different questions .

He begins to write articles for the free publications of these establishments and writes the Book:

"Islam the avanguard of movements" in these years that has been published long time ago.

He also wrote and compiled other books that has not yet been published .

(This biography has been rendered 28 years ago so these books might have been published during these years {Translator's note} ).

He worked so hard in this field he spent the rest of his time teaching in "Hozeh Elmiyeh Ghom" .

He intensifies his struggle and activities from the beginning of Imam's Movement and used to sign the pamphlets signed by the great teachers of "Hozeh Elmiyeh " of "Ghom" and these pamphlets come down like a hammer on the head of Shah's Regime and expands the flames of the revolution all around the country.

He also delivered the speeches around the country and held religious meetings .

He was arrested 2 times for these meetings .

He delivered speeches against the Shah's Regime and invited people to uprising.

His files in different branches of "Savak" is expressive of this reality.

"Hojjatol Islam Haghani" was arrested and imprisoned several times during the years of struggle.

For example in 1971 he was arrested and was sentenced to several month imprisonment.

Once again in 1975 the most intense year of torture .

He was arrested and was sentenced to 12 years of prison of which he spent seven month in the Committee prison.

During 4 months of this period he was badly tortured.

In the prison he continued his political and ideological works beside great Mujahids like "Ayyatolah Taleghani" and other great Ulema.

He also clarifies the minds of the people in the prison .

Then when the tide of the people movement comes he is freed along with so many others from prison and continues his struggle right after his freedom.

When "Bakhtiyar" closes the airports on Imam Khomeini he participates in the sit in the university of Tehran with "Rohaniyat e Mobarez" and when Imam comes to Tehran he does his activities in Imam's residence and accepts certain responsibilities and established the propaganda office of "Ghom" with the help of some other friends.

He was responsible for this office before his election as a P.M .

Then he goes to a mission to "Hormozgan" by Imam's order to remove the problems of this region because he had experienced this region before .

He beside the masses did his best to change the face of the region.

He used to deliver speeches to guide the people.

After his election to the "Majlis" by the people of "Bandar Abbas" he became a member of 2 commissions of research and defense in "Majlis".

He had an active involvement in the affairs of the country in and out of the "Majlis".

He was appointed by imam along with 5 other gentelmen to the highest official post of propaganda in the country.

He was one of the most active members of the supreme council of Islamic propaganda.

He was also the secretary of coordination council which was compose of guardians of revolution ,"Construction Jihad", I.R.P. organization of the "Mujahedin" of the Islamic revolution ,Tehran and Ghom propaganda offices and "The Daftar e Tahkim e Vahdat".

He tried so hard to consolidate and coordinate Islamic propaganda.

It's example is these demonstrations and ceremonies that are taking place .

He and his friends wanted to expand the Islamic propaganda all over the world.

He sent 20 delegations to around 30 countries on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

He himself went to north "Yaman" ,"South Yaman", "Saudi Arabia" ,"Lebonon" and "Syria" and the head of a delegation.

Of his other activities we can mention :

Teaching in political and ideological classes in I.R.P, "Tarbiyat e Modares" University ,"Evin" prison and in "Daftar e Tahkim e Vahdat" during this 1 year appointment.

In the late years before his martyrdom he was posted to the responsibility of managing the Islamic propaganda organization.

Martyr Haghani got married in 1961 and he had 6 children.

Got Bless his soul.

Hadi  Amini


Martyr Hadi Amini

Martyr Hadi Amini was born in 1952 in a religious and middle class family he was the son of Hussein .

He started his primary school in "Ghanatabad" ,then he went to Gharib high school and continued his studies there.

After graduating from high school he went to "Nafisi" Technicom in Tehran after getting his college degree he went to army to fulfill his military service after 3 year of service in 1974 he participated in the entrance examination of engineering and he continued his studies in mechanical engineering and he got his degree in installations.

he started his political activities before the revolution he was always ready for martyrdom in the morning of Tasua of 1978 after writing his will and say goodbye to his family who didn't any hope that he would return he went after foreign reporters so that the regime would not be able to render false reports. after that he actively participated in all demonstrations.

Before every demonstration he would go to high places early in the morning and he would look at people's movement and estimated the populations.

He always gave the news of victory.

He predicted that shah would escape before anyone even think of that.

Before Imam's arrival he always said that shah would escape and Imam would come.

An Islamic government and laws will be established.

while so many people opposed him he stood on his belief.

This Martyr took part in transportations of the wounded and the collection of bottles cotton and medicine.

In the beginnings of days of university reopening he disclosed people like "Zeddodin".

When nobody knew him and in that same period of his studies he disclosed "Monafeghin" who were not isolated.

After the victory of the revolution when I.R.P declared it's existance he went to the party and registered his name and also invited others to do the same.

He started his activities there.

After the establishment of "Mostazafan" foundation he went there and became one of the supervisors for collecting founds and he himself like others would collect the furniture.

Even in the hot days of Ramadan month.

He began his work for free then after several months the foundation gave him 2000 to 3000 tomans a month then they asked him to become the director general of Backran company (Iran national).

But since he didn't like these kinds of jobs he didn't accept.

He always was searching for noiseless and hard jobs.

After stopping work in the foundation he began his activities in the Tehran state department of the I.R.P.

Then he heard that the governor office of Tehran needs to become operational

therefore he went there and for several months he worked from 7 O'clock in the morning up to the nights.

He helped to send water to isolated villages after several months the state of Tehran gave him a salary then he return to the party, disregarding the objections to him that why he do not stay on a single job in the party he joined the engineers unit.

He believed that he most go to where he is needed.

Therefore every now and then he would go and worked from early morning up to the midnight and after the task would become operational he would change his job.

In these late months that he was working for the party he got a little wages but in the last months he didn't get any salary and he gave his wages to the account which was opened by Imam.

Once he decided to go to the Fronts but he was not successful.

When "Banisadr" became the presidential candidate he tried so hard to throw light on the subject he was present in front of the nest of spies where they were doing a lot of propaganda for "Banisadr".

He was disclosing "Banisadr".

After he became the president Martyr Amini tried so hard to disclose the American line of "Banisadr".

He defended the government of "Rajai".

He loved Dr. Beheshti from the bottom of his heart.

when he was defending Dr. Beheshti the vessels of his neck would become thick.

He believed that the revolution would become victorious and will continue up to the revolution of "Saheb al Zaman"Aj.

He used to say : I love Beheshti if he stays in Imam line.

He loved Imam.He used to listen to Imam speeches carefully and he would analize the speeches.

He follow the expert assembly and "Majlis" Reports.

He had good intentions and he used to work hard.

Although once he went to the border of martyrdom but because he loved

Dr. Beheshti he became a martyr with this Hussein's follower in the place that was sacred for him in this "Karbala" of Iran meaning the Islamic Republican Party.

Thank god that Blood of these 72 martyrs proved the good intention of the party.

Reza  Torabi



Martyr Reza Torabi

Martyr Reza Torabi was born in 1957 in Tehran in a poor family in one of the southern neighborhoods of Tehran .

He was only 13 when he lost his father , in 1978 he finished his high school and in the same year he studied Electricity as a major in Tehran Industrial University.

With the beginning of the people struggle he joined the ranks of Revolutionaries and he served Islam and Imam Komeini with all his might.

After the victory of the Revolution he joined the Islamic Association of the university.

He intensified his political and religious activities, in continuation of his activities in

1980 he joined the Islamic Republican party and began his activities in the student branch, then because of his passion interest and honesty he became a member of the party and from then on he accepted the responsibility of the propaganda of the student branch.

Finally in the sunset of June, 28, 1981 he was Martyred in the explosion of the I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God bless his soul.

Seyyed Fakhroldin  Rahimi


Martyr Hojjatol Islam Seyyed Fakhroldin Rahimi

Martyr Seyyed Fakhroldin Rahimi was born in 1944 in a clergy family in "Khoram Abad".

His grand father hojjatol Islam Seyyed Aliakbar Rahimi was one the greatest ulema of the "Khoram Abad" city.

Martyr Seyyed Fakhroldin Rahimi came to "Ghom" with his older brother "Hojjatol Islam haj Seyyed Nouroldin Rahimi" who was a clergy man that had to go to Ghom to continue his religious studies. This happened to Martyr Rahimi after he finished his primary school and after he came to Ghom he officially began his studies as a religion student and he continued his studies up to the course of "Sath" in the classes of great lecturers of "Ghom" Ulema of the "Hozeh Elmieh".

This continued up to the great uprising of the year 1962 when he joined the struggle after the events in "Feyziyeh" school.

One day while he was attaching a declaration of Imam Khomeini to the wall he got arrested by the Pahlavi agents.

He was sentenced to 6 month imprisonment . After the end of his prison term he came back to "Khoram Abad" and established his base in a mosque by the name of "Alavi" , there while performing the prayer he guided the young men and one could say that he truly educated passionate young men.

In his second arrest because of taking off the sign of "6th of Bahman" street and replacing it by the sign which read "Alavi" street, he was sentenced to another 6 month imprisonment.

His third sentence to imprisonment happened when he was preaching in the mosque in "Khoram Abad" when he called "Ashraf Pahlavi" the dishonored Ashraf , he said this beach of the court brings in heroin to this country and makes young people heroin addicts and his fool brother who was the king then prints royal Quran.

This speech cost him another 6 month imprisonment of which he spent 2 month in the police prison and the 4 remaining months in the anti terrorist common committee of police. In the single person cell with intolerable tortures he passed his imprisonment term to the extent that those Ulema who had seen him approved that the effects of torture was evident on his face.

After his release from "Khoram Abad" prison they(the police) do not allow him to continue his preaching and he whose existence belonged to Islam and making the Muslims aware goes to nearby villages and among the nomads and while preaching the principles of Islam invites the "Lorestani" nomads to make a rebellion against the Pahlavi dynasty .

When "SAVAK" gets the news of his preaching he is immediately arrested and after a while in prison he is exiled to "Iranshar" where he sees his comrade "Hojjatol Islam Khamenei" the leader of the revolution and after living for a while with him and because of their activities among the "Sunnies", "SAVAK" becomes aware that the existence of these two clergy men will cause disorder in the town so they separate them from each other and send them to exile in different cities .

Martyr Rahimi is sent to "Eghlid" in the "Fars" province.

After people's uprising against the Pahlavi regime he goes back to "Khoram Abad" and leads the people in their struggle towards the downfall of Pahlavi regime.

"SAVAK" attacks the houses of the Ulema of "Khoram Abad" and arrests all of them , he makes his get away by the help of his brother "Haj Agha Seyyed Nouroldin Rahimi" and some of the most passionate young men of the city and lives in one of the villages near the city . After the release of Ulema from the joint committee of police he openly continues his struggle up to the victory of the revolution and turns the "Alavi" mosque in to a committee and organizes those young men he had preached during the years of tyranny to safe guard the security of the city .

It must be said that his services after the revolution was not less than his activities in the years before the revolution . He was elected to the Islamic parliament at the age of 36 by the people of "Malavi", there he became a member of revolution plans commission then in the bloody sunset of June.28.1981 he was martyred along with 71 of his fellow combatants in the Islamic Republic Party .


Seyyed Kazem  Mousavi



Martyr Seyyed Kazem Mousavi

Seyyed Kazem Mousavi son of Mousa was born in 1935 in "Hussein Abad" of "Miami" near "Shahroud".

He went to a religious school at the age of 6, While he was studying Quran he tried to memorize small "Surehs".

He learned the primary "Hozeh "lessons in the same years he was learning how to read and write.

His grandfather who was a spiritual man and paid special attention to his grandson supervised his studying affairs.

He encouraged him in studying and memorizing Quran verses and certain lectures of "Nahjolbalagheh" and certain subjects of other Islamic books.

He went to "Mashhad" to continue his studies at the age of 13.

He studied different volumes of "Sharh e Lomeh" in the classes of

"Haj Mirza Mahmoud Modares"and Studied "Rasael" and "Mataleb" and "Kefayat" in the classes of "Haj Sheykh Ghasem Ghazvini" and studied the "Kharej" lessons first in the classes of "Mirza Javad Tehrani"and after the late "Ayatollah milani"came to "Mashhad"

He participated in his classes.

Then he studied the lessons of "Ejareh" in his classes. In each class after the teacher dismissed the class he wrote the summery of the lesson in Arabic and because of his knowledge of Arabic and his hand writing he was accepted as the writer of "Ayatollah Milani" lessons.

After he finished this level of knowledge he married his paternal cousin, then he came to Tehran. In this period he tried to have a personal income so not to rely on anyone in the early "Ramadan" in 1957 he found a job they invited him to work in the Islamic book publishers.

He began his work by correcting volume 1 to 4 and 35 to 42 of "Bahar ol Anvar"book, beside this heavy responsibility he rendered corrections on the "Irshad" book of

"Sheykh Mofid", "Tafsir Moghitaninat", "Aldovar", "Adab ol Nafs", "Shavahed" and "Majma ol Bayan".

He got acquinted with the late Master "Rouzbeh" in 1961 and 2 years later he was invited to cooperate with "Alavi " High school.

These 2 spent the short time of their friendship together and they enjoyed their talks and discussions.

Their memories still remain. They together published the "Easy Arabic"(Arabi ye Asan) volume 1 and 2 in know time and it's volume 3 and 4 were published later on.

He did his university studies parallel to cultural activities and finally he got his B.A and M.A in Arabic language and literature in the years between 1966 and 1971.

In 1970 he accepted the management of "Isalmology Association" for ladies that was founded by the late "Shah Cheraghi" and was offered to him by the late "Rouzbeh".

In 1971 he established the girls school of "Roshangar" and after that the "Roshangar " high school. At the time of Mr. Rajai he was a supreme consultant of Education Ministry.

Immidiatly after the revolution he became Imam's representative in Ministry of Education. His last post was Deputy Minister of Research in the Education Ministry.

He always loved Martyrdom and he wanted his 5 sons to become guardians of the revolution and finally in June .28.1981 he became a Martyr and joined Allah.

God Bless his soul.

Seyyed Mohammad Javad  Sherafat



Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Javad Sherafat

*** The Representative of the people of "Shoushtar" ***

Martyr Seyyed Mohammad Javad Sherafat was born in Oct.2nd,1927 in "Shoushtar" in a committed family to Islam.

At the age of 9 he lost his dear mother but this harm made his spirit more powerful and his patience more.

He was interested in Islamic and religious issues.

Because of this at the age of 14 he and some of his friends established an Islamic propaganda association and began to continue the struggle for the expansion of Islam and Quranic teachings and the negation of Shah's corrupted Regime.

He was 16 years old when he got married .

A year later he gets employed in the education department of "Shoushtar".

He loved the teaching job and considered it as the messenger's job.

Martyr Sherafat stayed in "Shoushtar" for so many years then after a confrontation with a Majlis deputy he was exiled to "Ahvaz".

He spent sometimes in different departments and the rest of his years in his main base the education ministry. up to the year 1963.He was guiding people during all these years .

He explained the truth of Islam and the despotism and the corruption of the Shah's Regime.

Therefore he was attacked by "Savak" several times and was arrested but because of massive uprising of the people of "Shoushtar" and the general strike in this town to object to his arrest they were forced to release him.

In June,05,1963 with the help of his other Muslim brothers design an expanded program and made a turmoil in the city .

He himself participated in speeches and cried the voice of people against the oppression of the Shah's Regime .

"Savak "arrested him and on the pretext of continuing his studies sent him to Tehran .

Martyr Sherafat became the best student in his major but "Savak" refused him his rights and stopped him from going to "Tarbiyat e Modares" University .

He passed the entrance examination at the age of 38 and entered Tehran University.

In these ages he understood the necessity of guiding people toward Quran and safeguarding it and acting upon and based on the Quranic concepts.

Therefore he established a meeting for Quran interpretation in front of the university he taught the truth of Quran based on Islamic norms .

In 1966 the implemented the plan for teachers strikes with the help of "Martyr Rajai" and other committed teachers of education minisrty.

This resulted in their arrest and exiled some of them and him .

"Savak" exiled them to "BID DOKHT " of "GONABAD" and to "CHALUS" after a while and to Tehran and "Karaj" then.

"Savak "thought that by transferring him from town to town his struggle will be stopped or at least it become limited but the experience of the exiled of Martyr Sherafat ,ade "Savak" underestand that they were wrong and his transfer to "Karaj" has been a mistake.

After getting the barigade of teaching from him and his unsuccessful exile "Savak" decided to murder him and based on the existing documents of "Savak" he was supposed to be killed in an artificial accident but he was sick on that day.

Quran says: "And they planned and god planned and God is the best of planners".

And this conspiracy didn't have any outcome for Savak. After several years of exile he was transferred to Tehran and began to work in the Marvi School of Art. There with his other martyr brother , martyr Shahsavari continued his struggle against the oppression of "Taghout". In these years he again began his meetings of Quran interpretation in "Damavand" in the "Hussein" Mosque.

This job was continued for 5_6 years. In the turmoil of the Islamic Revolution he came to Tehran and decided to close the sessions he had and spend his time for the fulfillment of the revolution. After the victory of the revolution he became Martyr "Rajai" 's Advisor for a while "Mr Rajai" was the Minister of Education at that time.

He continued his activities and meanwhile he was acting as a member of the directing board of "Alborz" cultural foundation. He also served as a member of the central supervising board of election in 4 elections in Tehran state. Martyr Sherafat became a candidate by the great coalition for the Majlis seat from Tehran. But because the Ulema of "Shoushtar" asked him to participate in the election from "Shoushtar" he went there and got 82% of the vote and went to Majlis as the P.M from "Shoushtar".

He was the deputy of trade commission in Majlis. In the "Bani Sadr" affairs and the vote to his lack of political competency, he participated in the voting and despite the threats on the part of the M.K.O gave a yes vote. Finally in the night of June.28.1981 at the age of 54 he was martyred along with 71 other Shining stars of the Islamic revolution joined Allah. From martyr Sherafat there remains two great works. The first is a translation of the life of "Hazrat e Fatima" and the book :"The dead ones talk to us".

God bless his soul.

Mohammad  Mousavifar



Martyr Mohammad Mousavifar

He was born in a poor and religious family in 1958 in "Taghi Abad" around "Neyshabur".

His father was "Hojatolislam Haj Seyyed Morteza Mousavifar ".

He educated his child with faith morals and virtue.

Seyyed Mohammad finished his primary school at the age of 13 and he follow his fathers order to go to "Hozeh Elmiyeh" after wards.

He went to "Ghom" and studied "OLUM e GHADIMEH"(Islamic sciences) to become familiar with the powerful Islamic culture.

After 5 years of studies his father died and he was deeply effected by his father death.

But this feeling of being an orphan made him stronger and ready for future struggle in his life and many problems that he would face.

He felt that he has only God to safeguard him.

He was living with his other classmates (TOLLAB)and they were living in a poor conditions.

He met with so many great religious scientists like "Sheykh Abolghasem Khazali" and

"Hussein Nuri".

In the beginig of the revolution he acted upon his heart and wishes, that it's why he went to cities and villages to guide people about their problems.

He also participated in demonstrations along with other "Tollab".

After the victory of the revolution he studied "Fegh" and "Usul" to the level of Islamic Jurisprudence as the main goal of his life.

He married at the age of 20 ,the marriage ceremonies was so simple and Islamic.

His wife was a Muslim like him and she was in the Imam's line.

He soon found that revolution is the ultimate ideal of his life .

that's why he became a member of the party.

His way of thinking and his innovations and his interest in the field of Islamic sciences.

He passed the steps of promotion one after another , he was so close to Dr. Beheshti.

When he finishes his studies he decided to go to Tehran and he was living in Tehran until he became a Martyr in the way of God.

God bless his soul.

Ali  Derakhshan



Martyr Ali Derakhshan

Martyr Derakhshan was born in 1940 in a middle class family in Tehran . After finishing his primary and high school years he had a good and honest cooperation with brothers like Asgaroladi and Shafigh, also after the establishment of Iranian liberation movement he had militant activities beside "Ayatollah Taleghani"," DR. Abbas Sheibani" and "Mr. Rajai".

From 1971 he continued his cooperation with brothers like "Dr.Beheshti" ,"Hojjatol Islam Mahdavi Kani" up to the down fall of the Shah's regime and the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Brother Derakhshan had a close cooperation with charity funds and after the establishment of I.R.P he became the official manager of the party's financial affairs.

He was a central committee member..

An unknown hero, Martyr Derakhshan is one of the militants whose visage is unknown for our nation. He was a true "Mojahed".

He had a record of 25 years of struggle against the Boucher regime of the Shah.

In 1961 in the government of "Amini", Derakhshan used to participate in demonstrations and I was not as serious as he was.

We had discussions with each other and the question discussed was that should we take part in these demonstrations or we should not? And the other question which was directly related to the first question was that who had the leadership of the opposition and who are they and if we got killed in these demonstrations in what account it is considered, of course it goes without saying and I shouldn't hid it from you that one could not take part in those demonstrations with a mind at rest and a heart sure.

The year 1962 came and Imam Khomeini began to shine in the skies of Iran.

The heart of those who where for school combat was beating and with the provincial and state Associations question a new era began in the struggle of the Iranian people for liberty.

This time the leadership was a "Vali Faghih" and the source to be followed, a just man and a scientist an Alem (The singular form of none Ulema). There was no doubt any more. We all run to the political arena Derakhshan also did so.

Among us he began printing and distributing pamphlets of great "Mojtahedin" and our knowledge men . He was also programing and establishing meetings and was taking part in them and tried to close the "Bazzar" and with the victory in these struggles the believers got a new spirit while Imam warned the people to be awake and watch the situation because the enemy was wounded and hated us and we must compress our ranks and files.

We saw that the regime came to the battle field with the agregarian refom with its 6 articles and the so called Referandom came to fight the Islam and Muslims.

The revolution began.

A revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini and with the participation of the Islamic Umeh.

Derakhshan while kept his contact with the Iranian liberation movement came to the "Motalefeye Islami" And how active and courageous. Again the underground "Hozeh" sessions and meetings was held in his house and in the shop he used to work in or in some other corner and place.

He had become the contact himself and administered the meetings and the sessions.

He used to go to the unjust court of the Shah in the trail of the late "Taleghani", "Bazargan", And "Dr. Sheybani" every day and because they absolutely trusted him they would give him their messages and declarations in a hidden way, and he would bring them out to the day light..

He did all this under cover one had to observe absolute discipline , he would give them the outside news and get the news of the prison from them with his young face nobody doubted his manners.

In the days before the demonstration of the 26th of JAN.1962 6th of "Bahman"1341 and the "Bazzar" strike, Derakhshan along with his other friends had an effective role, and his role after that was also important in all the affairs in relation to these movements. Because he was the Man in charge of financial affairs in addition to all these and he had contacts who would pay for the struggle, those who where involved.

Then he played an outstanding role in all fields from "Feyziyyeh" up to 15th of "Khordad" and the movement after that and it is interesting that he did it so much wit and delicacy that the regime was never able to trace him in the struggle.

He was never arrested by "SAVAK".

After the incidence in which the "Motalefeh Islami" members were arrested in 1964 and the destruction of organizational order of this organization which was in Imam's line he continued his cooperation with the second "Motalefeh".

Until 1971 and after we gave all our forces and facilities to "Mojahedin e Khalgh", Martyr Derakhshan also gave them the facilities and his forces by and through "Ayatollah Taleghani", me and several other brothers.

Then came the change of ideology to Marxism And the "Mojahedin e Khalgh" went to a wrong direction it was a clear deviation from their original path in 1975 and so did martyr Derakhshan he cut relations with them..

During these years Derakhshan was not satisfied with the struggle from its political aspect, he would also take part in social services and charity political organizations like the establishment of the management of "Refah" School and training familial and fun picknicks but really constructive and trainer of militants and a place for those kids of contacts.

He also took part in the establishment of saving funds , he himself was a member of the council of "Javid" saving fund and was cooperating with the "Alavi" school.

Finally in 1977 when the companions of "Motalefeh" once again gathered and set the new program of struggle Derakhshan was also among those who were invited to the first meeting and he was sitting next to Martyr "Islami" and "Araghi".

This active "Jamiyat" was the most effective group in the management of the two years of struggle before the victory and it was considered as an organization that was under the leadership of great martyr masters "Motahari" and "Beheshti", Derakhshan was a central committee" member of this "Jamiyat"."

In the affairs of Imam's arrival to Tehran he was one of the most important provision responsible of "Refah" and "Alavi" Schools and how humble he was, so hard working , He didn't asked for anything.

He never expected anything. He used to work without accepting anything.

The day that the lovers of Imam wanted to see him sooner he stayed in the school and worked .

This was his great character of this martyr it had made a self made and adorable personality out of him. The great Martyr Masters "Motahari" ,"Ayatollah Taleghani" and "Beheshti" all loved him.

They always gave great complements when they heard the name of Derakhshan.

He was so adorable.

Martyr Derakhshan always put the struggle ahead of business therefore after the establishment of I.R.P he felt that he was needed , he gave away his job and trade and became active in the party without getting anything from the party or expect any post or name.

His brothers provided his expenses of a simple life and a rented house.

He was so humble that at certain times he gave the food service himself.

He was famous for it. Derakhshan was considered as the kid's father by the rest of the brothers and sisters who ever had a problem would go to him and he listened to them carefully and he used to remove the problems.

In the light of the fact that he was always present in Dr Beheshti's office in effect he was the best personal contact of Kids with Dr.B eheshti.

He was considered as a honest assistance to Dr. Beheshti ..

Our memories of Martyr Derakhshan will not be finished so simply but we can not talk more than this in this short article, I hope we will be able to continue the path of this martyr under the leadership of his excellence the leader of the revolution "Ayatolah Khamenei".

God bless his soul.

Habib  Maleki



Martyr Habib Maleki
*** The governor of Iranshahr ***

Martyr Maleki was born in 1955 in one of the oldest and the most famous neigbourhood's of Tehran By the name of "Bazzarcheh Nayebol Saltaneh" and in a religious family.

He passed his primary years in "Adib Neyshabouri" Primary school and his high school in "Karim Khan Zand" and he got his Diploma from "Ferdosi" high school.

This family training and specially his love for Islam and Quran pushed him toward religious "Heyat".

For some times he enjoyed the lectures of Ostad "Sanei" but his thourst for Islamic knowledge made him participate in Martyr Beheshti's "Tafsir" weekly sessions in his house along with some other brothers .

After getting his Diploma from "Ferdosi" high school in these years he went to his Military service between the years 1974 to 1976.

These years begins a new era in his life. He gets more years of service and his exiled because of not obeying his commanders , finally he finished his Military service in far away bad weather towns .

He with his other brothers played a key role in "Eed Fetr" prayers in "Gheytariyyeh".

He did his best in copying Imam's publications and distributing them.

Along with his revolutionary activities , he participated in the university entrance examinations and was accepted in the Faculty of social sciences of Tehran University.

He was suffering from this thought that you should get your B.A to be someone otherwise you weren't anyone. He used to say that the reason doesnt come with the B.A.

He was worry of this matter that after the revolution people like "Banisadr" come and say science is higher than the school of thought and again put to work American experts instead of giving way to the revolutionaries.

We do not forget his presence in the different period of the revolution.

In the Imam's welcoming ceremonies he had an active role.

He became a member of I.R.P along with his companions.

He understood the need for a strong organization after the revolution and he participated in his process.

He was active in high school unit of the party then he became responsible for Tehran organization.

After wards he went to provinces section.

He went to "Majlis" to help in its organization of the implementation of the constitution.

He used to say that the implementation of the constitution means the destruction of the U.S and the internal "Monafeghin".

We saw that he helped the interior Ministry in the "Majlis" and Presidential Elections.

He believed that the "Rajai" Government was the government of Islam.

6 Month before his Martyrdom he was the "Iranshahr" Governor.

After 6 month in "Iranshahr" he had come to Tehran to see his family and specially his mother and he was present in the meeting in which a Zionist bomb went off.

God Bless his soul.

Habibollah  Mehdizadeh Talei



Martyr Habibollah Mehdizadeh Talei

Martyr Habib was born in 1951 in a religious middle class family in "Tabriz".

He was a religious person from childhood and he used to read his prayers.
He always talked about "Khoms and Zakat" beside his faithful uncle.
He was very active. He passed his primary school in "Iranshahr" school and he finished his High school in "Seghat ol Islam" and "Ferdosi" high schools of "Tabriz" with a very hard working conditions. He entered the "Karaj" Faculty of Managment and Economy and he was living with his older brother who had just finished his university.

He was not financially supported by his family.

During his university years he taught Mathematics at nights in private classes and he was studying during the day like the hard working student.

He could buy his own university books with the little money he could save. After four years of studies he finally got his B.A then he went to his Military service. The ending month of his military service coincided with the tide of the revolutionary movement of the people and the black Friday. In Sep.08.1978 after the massacre of black Friday his hatred for the "Pahlavi" Regime became more intence, then he began his activities with his friends.

He used to go to the army and used to take of his hat and wore a coat over the military Uniform so that the people could see that he is with them.

In Nov. and Dec. of 1978 he finished his Military service and considered Islamic propaganda as his "Shari" duty.

He began his underground activities, they collected a great some of money for the workers of Oil Industry who had gone on strike in "Abadan".

His knowledge about Islam was gathered by studing "Dr.Shariati" and Ostad "Motahari books. At the peak of revolution he helped a lot in conquering the Military bases.
He always participated with love and care in the religious meetings.
He used to write down the conclusions of the session in a small notebook.
He was disciplined and exact.
Before the victory of the revolution he had decided to go to abroad after finishing his Military service but after the victory of the revolution he changed his mind and stayed in Iran. After the victory of the revolution he was active in "Jamshid Abad " committee for a while, then he went to construction "Jihad" and he used to go to the villages of

"East Azarbayjan"
He revived the revolution by guiding villages. At the end of his activities, he was working in the I.R.P central offices Islamic propaganda Department.

He was always traveling and he had several trips with "Ayatollah Beheshti". He loved

"Dr Beheshti".

In Nov.1980 he decided to go to the war fronts but those who were responsible told him that his presence in Tehran and the party is as effective as his presence in the war fronts. He was studding Arabic and Quran with his father.

Habib had not get gotten married but he had decided to get married on the "Fetr" Eed.

Finally he got martyred in June.28.1981 in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Ali Akbar  Dehghan


Martyr Ali Akbar Dehghan
***The Representative of the people of "Torbat e Jaam"***

Martyr Ali Akbar Dehghan was born in 1948 in a worker middle class family in "Torbat Jaam" .

The Family had migrated from Yazd to this city. He got his diploma in 1970 in

"Ibn e Sina" high school and in the 12th class was employed by education department and after that was sent to a village near the city and began his work as the director and a teacher in the school.

In 1972 he passed the classes of first period of summer classes of the intermediate education and was posted to work in these schools.

He got his college degree in biology and Mathematics sciences, but his interest in learning Islamic sciences stopped his studies.

Then he began as a teacher of the course lessons in religion and established religious meetings and societies.

He was a committed and determined and religious personality for the people of the city. He was teaching Islami Shariat all day long with so many willing people around him, students of all sorts.

Martyre Ali Akbar Dehghan participated in meetings that were organized to fight "Bahaiyat" in around 1966 and he himself was one of its founders in this town. Meanwhile and along with these activities he established a fund for borrowing money to the people without interest and because they all trusted him he managed all its works and his poor and wrecked house along with a notebook and some cash which was scarce in the dark era of Pahlavi Regime became the place this good tradition of Islam got formed in.

That same fund today is working in a nice building by the name of "Almahdi fund"with a great capital by the help of his students and some friends . Martyr dehghan established a charity fund beside the other fund and he took effective steps by it and also he established "Almahdi" library which is his other gift to the society, this library still stands in the city for the use of the younger generation.

He was an Islamic axis in this city and because of this was hit by "SAVAK' several times.

In 1976 his house was stormed by the "SAVAK" agents and they took him to the "SAVAK" of "Taibad" and then freed him because of the lack of evidence.

But he was a restless militant. He did not quite his struggle .

In the peak of the revolutionary struggle he finally succeeded in doing his responsibility. All the problems of the struggle were first considered in his house. He was a revolutionary leader for the society specially for teachers and intellectuals.

He was a great motive for so many people to join the struggle.

He suffered much in this way. After the revolution the committee was formed by the order of Imam around him as the axis.

He loved Islam and spent his days and nights to organize the new institutions of Islam. He became a great source for the removal of people's problems.

For the Majlis elections he limited the expenses of his campaign to the Islamic norms while his rivals did all they could do and spent a lot of money on propaganda.

He hated non Islamic measures in the propaganda for elections.

Then he was elected to the post of the P.M from this city by the majority vote which had voted to Imam's line.

He accepted the post because he considered the job as a "Shari" duty.

He became a P.M in 1980 and went to the stronghold of Majlis in the Imam's line.

He finally became a martyr in June,28,1981 in the I.R.P central office explosion along with Dr.B eheshti and 71 other shining stars of this nation's sons.

God bless his soul.

Haj Seyyed Nourollah  Tabatabai Nejad



Martyr Hojjatol Islam Haj Seyyed Nourollah Tabatabai Nejad
** The Representative of the people of "Ardestan" **

Martyr Hojatol lslam Haj Seyyed Nourollah Tabatabinejad was born in 1940 in a militant and religious family in "Ardestan".

His father "Hojjatol Islam Haj Mirza Ali Tabatabainejad" was an example of knowledge , practice, morals and piousity in the "Ardestan" region. The honorable people of this region have not forgotten this great man services to Islam and Muslims after years that this shining star had fallen.

Martyr Nourollah Tabatabainejad had studied Islamic sciences by the teachings of such a father.

After finishing his primary school he went to "Ghom" to continue his studies in Islamic sciences by the order of his father and once there he got familiar with Arab literature , "Feghh" and "Usul", philosophy and Quran interpretation and other humanities.

He teaches and studied for 20 years. Because of his great talent he finished the primary and "Sath" level with a great speed and passed the tests. He passed the "Kharej" of "Feghh" and "Usul" under the teachings of "Ayatollah Golpayegani" and other masters in ten years. He also enjoyed Martyr "Motahari" classes in philosophy .

He attempted to interpret Quran beside learning "Feghh" ,"Usul", and philosophy. From 12 years before his martyrdom he used to spend some of his time with knowledge men His writings have been published by "Ghom" Hozeh Elmeyeh inside and outside Iran . It is exceptional . Martyr Tabatabainejad always guided people in the days of propaganda in different cities.

In the era of repression of Pahlavi regime he was several times beaten by the enemies of Islam and it was for his beliefs and his tries to make the Islamic revolution victorious, he used to repeat Imam Khomeini's words for people in the "Holy shrine of Hazrat e Masoumeh" after the sunset prayers .

He used to pray for Imam in public before the revolution and he got beaten by the "Savak" agents several times for it. But these clashes did not have any effects on him , they made him more serious.

In 1970 when the appointed Majlis illegally was ratifying Islamic laws he implicitly called the P.Ms the foreigner's agents and thus his tribune was out lawed in "Ardestan".

Then he was sent to Isfahan with a heavy file.

Martyr Tabatabainejad use to make trips to the Iranian cities and guide the people before the revolution. He was arrested a year before the revolution and was freed on the day Shah escaped from Iran.

After the victory of the revolution he was sent to different cities of the country to deliver speeches in the military bases for the army brothers and to supervise the committees by Imam's propaganda office. In short his life before the revolution was in the service of creating the revolution and after the revolution he served Islam to safe guard the revolution achievements , he finally got martyred in June.28.1981 in the explosion of the I.R.P central office in Tehran along with Dr. Beheshti and 71 other shinning stars of the Islamic revolution.

God bless his soul.

Mousa  Kalantari



Martyr Mousa Kalantari
*** Minister of Road and Transportation ***

Martyr Kalantary was born in 1948 in "Marand".

He finished his primary and high school in that same city and got his Diploma from "Kharazmi" high school in Tehran.

Martyr Mousa Kalantari entered the polytechnic university of Tehran and after Getting his civil engineering began his Military Service in Road Construction workshops.

Then with the expansion of people's struggle in 1978 he left his job and participated in

Armed struggle against the Regime.

After the victory of the Revolution he became a guardian in Revolution committees and protected Islamic Revolution, in the Summer of 1979 he entered the Ministry of road and went to "Kouzestan" in order to organize that department and for the same task then he went to "West Azarbayjan" state and accepted the responsibility of "Oroumiyeh" road Department, Martyr "Kalantari" then was appointed to the post of Ministry of Road and Transportation and after the Establishment of "Mr.Rajai" 's Government he continued his service to the people and the newly born Islamic Republic of Iran up to his Martyrdom.

God Bless his Soul.

Martyr Rahman Staki  


Martyr Rahman Staki
*** P.M from "Shahr e Kord" ***

Martyr Rahman Staki was born in 1949 in a religious family in "Shahr e Kord".

His student years were often passed in mosques and religious ceremonies . After graduation from high school and finishing his military service in 1971 he became a teacher. After a year in order to get familiar and assess the struggling grass rout organizations and getting experienced he migrated to Tehran but because of the need of the region and on the advice of his friends he went back to the province . In 1973 he enrolled in the university and it was in these years that he took part in the sessions guided by Master "Mohamad Taghi Jafari" and covert sessions taught by "Dr. Beheshti. In 1978 he graduated from university in the educational sciences.

At the time of the heroic uprising of the Iranian people he returned to "Shahr e Kord" and by his management and foresight he organized most of demonstrations in the city .

His strong faith in Islam and his bravery resulted in him managing and executing the demonstrations and other popular ceremonies. At the peak of the struggle when students used to demonstrate in the streets to show their hatred toward the Shah's regime the general director of the Ministry of Education in "Chahar mahal" and "Bakhtiyari" reports him as the main organizer of these demonstrations, the document still exist.

Because of his deep understanding of Islam he became able to organize so many students in covert sessions and guided them in to the struggle. After the victory of the revolution Martyr Staki who was suffering from the lack of a proper Islamic organization began to think for a remedy. When the Islamic Republic Party was formed because he knew "Dr. Beheshti" and "Dr. Bahonar", he prepared the necessary facilities for the establishment of the party's branch in "Shahr e Kord".

After a while working in the Party despite his own will on the insistence of his fellow Muslim brothers accepted the post of Deputy General Director of the Province's Education General Office.

During this period he worked so hard sometimes up to the midnights. Every week he participated in the Friday prayers side by side with other people. He used to say the problems can be solved by listening to the people and mutually listened to what people had to say . Enemies in the education department spread all kinds of rumors against him but all of these did not break his will and resistance capacity, he had found his way and he was advancing . With the beginning of the election for the Islamic

"Majlis of Shora"(the parliamentary election) The party in "Shahr e Kord" introduced him as its own candidate . As Martyr Staki himself used to say there was a need for a pious and Islamic and honest candidate who will accept the task as a divine responsibility not as a post and status .

He was celected to the post by the majority vote and went to the parliament. Martyr Staki was a "Mojahed" in the way of god and did not have any attachment to his life , wealth, family or his household.

Nothing but the people and Islam was important for him . He did a lot of sacrifices for the revolution and he so many times told his companions that Brothers and sisters The anti revolutionaries and "Monafeghs" say rightous words for their develish intentions we must be on the alarm and awake so not to forget this important problem.

O'god you know that he worked in your way and for your satisfaction

Accept this victim and sacrifice in your divine way and give us the power to continue his path.

Mohsen  Molai



Martyr Mohsen Molai

Martyr Mohsen Molai was born in 1960 in south Tehran "Khorasan" street.

He finished his primary school in "Pendar", "Razi" and "Saadi" primary schools of Tehran.

He finished his high school in "Tavana", "Hormoz" and "Arash" high schools in "Narmak" and "Tehranpars" .

Molai began his activities at the time of the revolutionary turmoil by distributing pamphlets and he became a known personality for the district.

His activities resulted in class shut downs in the school and after the reopening of the school he created a praying room and Islamic association.

He along with his companions kicked out three corrupted teachers, he participated in all demonstrations before the victory of the revolution and he had the leadership.

He along with his brothers conquered the "Farahabad" Horse riding field and then they gave it back to the officials.

Mohsen played a key role in the conquer of "Mandana" Cinema which was a center for corruption and turn it into an Islamic Center.

With holding exhibitions of photo, posters, slide shows and revolutionary movies and the lectures of great masters teied to make the real face of the clergy and the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam known to the younger generation and he succeeded in doing this to a great extent.

He established the office of I.R.P in 8th district in th begining of "Narmak" along with his other brothers.

He was a member of the center committee and he was safe guarding the achievement of the Revolution.

From his other activities we can mention his membership in I.R.P and his activities in the central student unit.

Mohsen was a man whose face became known to his family after his Martyrdom.

In June.20.1981 he carried wounded "Sepahi" and "Hezbollah" people who were wounded by the weapons of the M.K.O to the Hospital by his Motorcycle.

His bloody dress is evidence to this claim.

He got Martyred in June ,28,1981 in the explosion of the central office of I.R.P in Tehran.

He loved Dr.Beheshti .

God Bless his soul.

 Hasel  Sanandaji

Hasel Sanandaji was born on March, 21, 1973 in West Azerbaijan province. He had finished his primary school and had a free job. Hasel was single and lived in Urumiyeh. He was finally martyred in Piranshahr by the terrorist elements of MKO on June, 28, 1994.

Falak  Dehvari



Falak Dehvari was born on Dec, 22, 1954 in Sistan and Baluchistan province. He had finished his primary school and was a worker. Falak was married, had a child and lived in Saravan. He was finally martyred in the city by the terrorist elements of MKO on June, 28, 1980.

Hussein  Kokabi


Hussein Kokabi was born on May, 05, 1947 in West Azerbaijan province. He had finished his primary school and had a free job. Hussein was married, had 2 children and lived in Urumiyeh. He was finally martyred in Piranshahr road by the terrorist elements of MKO on June, 28, 1991.

Hashem  Bagherzadeh



Hashem Bagherzadeh was born on March, 21, 1960 in Kerman province. He had finished his primary school and was an army cadre. Hashem was single and lived in Bardsir city. He was finally martyred in Bardsir by the terrorist rebels on June, 28, 1981.

Rahmdel  Khosronejad



Rahmdel Khosronejad was born on March, 21, 1956 in a village of Kerman province. He had finished his primary school and was a former. Rahmdel was married and lived in Kerman. He was finally martyred in Kerman by the terrorist rebels on June, 28, 1986.

Habibollah  Rigi



Habibollah Rigi was born on Aug, 13, 1953 in Sistan and Baluchistan province. He had finished his primary school and was a Bassiji. Habibollah was married, had a child and lived in Zahedan. He was finally martyred in Zahedans Sangeh Cheshmeh Ziyarat by the terrorist rebels on June, 28, 1994.

Abbas  Shahavi



Martyr Abbas Shahavi

***Deputy Commerce Minister ***

Abbas was born in 1953 in "Ghanat Abad" in Tehran in a small house and a poor family, because of a dream seen by one of the local Ulema they named him "Abbas".

From his childhood he loved to study religion at the same time he learned religious questions and studied the first class books of the primary school by the encouragement of his father .

His father began teaching .

He entered primary school at the age of 6 but instead of going to the first grade after a test they allowed him to go to the second grade.

With his great talent he passed the primary grades one after another and meanwhile he was studding Quran.

When he was 12 he told his father that instead of buying him the new year gifts he should by him a Quran with translation.

This demand surprised the family.

After getting that Quran he was joyful and began reading Quran and went to the end of it.

Based on what his father has said up to age of 15 he had read Quran several times .

When he finished the 6th grade of primary school he told his father that he wants to go to "Ghom".

Because his father couldn't support him financially he told him he cannot go to "Ghom".

Therefore he registered his name in "Hakim Nezami" school.

He was a great student during his school years.

He was politically active in the university and was against the Shah's Regime from the beginning.

At the age of 23 after returning from U.S.A he began to work and then got married in 1978 and the following are the words of his wife :

He went to work the day after our marriage and despite we were newly wedded we didn't have time for a honeymoon.

After the revolution he was so busy that in every 24 hours he spent only 6 hours at home.

He was so tired that he couldn't even talk anymore. He always talked about Martyrdom but he used to say that he was not so honored to become a martyr.

He used to always tell me ask God that i don't die in the bed.

He used to say : I want to die while Im serving the country or become a Martyr.

He was always in travel for the country, sometimes his trips took him a month.

When he was in Tehran sometimes he wouldn't see the kids for several days.

He used to leave the house at 5:30 AM and return at midnight.

Abbas was not there to take me to the hospital at his mother's house i didn't see him for more than a couple of hours.

He used to tell me : Have religion and leave this world with religion.

Abbas was a kind and disciplined man .He always wanted my rest and his children welfare.

Despite he used to come home late he would solve all problems and then he would go to bed and sleep.

What rings in my ears is that he always told his friends that i'm your student and i will do anything i can for you base on morals and religious responsibility i have.

His friends always remember how he tried to organize students and make them acquainted with the Islam by holding discussions meetings, lectures and Seminars and also by going to trips in holidays and establishing Islamic bases in the universities.

After getting his master degree in business administration he returns to Iran in 1978.

After the revolution he became the head of the police committee of "Ghanat Abad " Mosque.

He also became the Director General of the Iranian Steel Industrial group.

Finally he got Martyr in June .28.1981 in the explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran. He had 2 children.

God Bless his soul.

 Ali Akbar  Salimi Jahromi



Martyr Ali Akbar Salimi Jahromi
***The General Secretary of Administration and employment Affairs***

His life in the words of his wife :

He was born in "Jahrom " in 1938 ,he finished his primary and high school in the city of "Jahrom" and began his struggle in 1953.

He loved to study but because he was responsible for the household he went to college in a far distance in "Lar" and despite his poorness and lack of proper living conditions got his Diploma and began his job as a teacher.

Martyr Salimi wanted to become a Medical Doctor and participated in the entrance examinations of "Shiraz" university and was accepted in this magor but in the interview they didn't allow him to enter the university because of political reasons.

Then he became to Tehran and studied English language in the university of Tehran.

He believed that the university was a giant from outside and nothing from inside.

He took part in teachers demonstrations and strikes under the leadership of

"Dr. Khan Ali".

He was exciled to "Dezfoul" by "SAVAK" in this relation but because he was student he had to come to Tehran 3 days a week.

In March ,1973 "SAVAK" attacked his house and sent him to jail.

He was in jail for 3 month.

Martyr Salimi continued his struggle in the group of "Rajai" ,"Dastgheyb" and

"Dr. Asadi Lari".

In 1978 his cousin was Martyred in Paris and he went there to get her corpse.

He met with Imam.

He said: when i saw Imam my spirit went up high and when i was shaking hands with Imam he said: why your hand is so cold .I said your hot heart warms it.

He was one of the founders of Islamic Association of Teachers.

He had an active role in the committee of Imam arrival ceremonies in Tehran.

The activities of Martyr "Aliakbar Salimi".

From 1965 he became a teacher in Tehran schools.

From 1968 a teacher in "Dezfoul " schools.

From 1969 a teacher in "Varamin" schools.

From 1970 a high school teacher in Tehran.

From 1976 the deputy director of Marvi high school in Tehran.

From 1978 a high school teacher in Tehran.

From 1979 the director general of Tehran education department.

In 1980 he was appointed as the deputy of the research and programming organization of Ministry of Education.

From 1980 he was appointed as the consultant to the Minister.

Then he was appointed to the post of general secretary of administration and employment affairs organization.

Martyr Salimi worked 23 years in the Education Department.

After the victory of the revolution he was the director general of Tehran Education Department and after that for about 10 month he was deputy Minister of Education and the Chief of Research and Programming Organization.

He was appointed as the chief of the Organization of Administration and Employment Affairs by the order of "Mohammad Ali Rajai" (The prime minister)in 1981.

He finally got martyred in June.28.1981 in I.R.P head quarters in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

Abass  Jahan Bakhsh Hamzeh Ershad

Martyr Abass Jahan Bakhsh Hamzeh Ershad

The deputy education office and welfare organization

Martyr Abass Ershad was born in 1994 in Tehran. He spent his life as a social worker in the service of Mostazafin. He established social worker Islamic association along with some of his co thinkers after 17 Shahrivar bloody incidents; he created the association of social workers. They had hidden activity and rendered services to martyr families, Mostazaf and disables.

After the victory revolution and at the end of provisional government he was elected as the supervisor of Social Services University by some committed students and employees and on the invitation of welfare organization he became responsible and deputy of education office welfare organization but these activities did not stop him from his the first direct presence in combat fronts and from the first days of the war he went to Kermanshah as the staff chief and served Mostazafin up to end of his life days.

Seyyed Mohammad  Husseini Beheshti



Dr. Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Husseini Beheshti

**The Chief of Supreme court**

I was born in 1928 in "Isfahan" in "Lombon" neighborhood .
The neighborhood we lived in was an old region of the town.
My family is a clergy family, I began my studies in a private religious school at the age of 14.
I learned reading and writing very fast and also learned to read Quran.
Then I went to primary school , the state primary school of Servat.
Later on it was called the 15th of Bahman primary school.
When I went there they made me take an entrance test then they said he has to go to the 6th grade but because of his age he cannot.
So I was accepted in grade 4.
I finished my primary school there.
In that year I became the second best student in the examinations of the 6th grade.
I passed the first and the second grade of high school there and it was in the early days of the second grade of high school when the allied forces attacked Iran in the Sep. of 1941.With this event there emerged an interest and passion for learning Islamic sciences .
In 1942 I left high school and went to "SADR" school in Isfahan it was for the continuation of my studies because during this period I had studied some.
from 1942 up to 1946 I studied Arabic, logic, speech and different levels of
"Feghh" and 'Usul" fast and this speed of my studies and my progress resulted in a kind approach toward me on the part of the "Hozeh" and because my grandfather (maternal) was the late "Haj Mir Mohammad Sadigh e Modarres e Khatoon Abadi" and he was one of the most outstanding Ulema and I was 1 year old when he passed away my teachers thought that i would be a good souvenir for them because my grand father was their teacher.
During this period i was teaching too.
In 1945 I asked my parents to allow me to stay the nights in my "Hojreh" in the school and become a 24 hour scholar ,on the other hand the distance from our home to the school was 4 to 5 km and everyday some time was lost for going and coming back.
And I could spend the time on my works.
Our house was full of people and i didn't have a private room .
I couldn't work at home .
Of course I only had a sister at the time but we used to live with my uncles and my grandmother in one house.
In this way our house was full of people and there was no room.
There was not enough room for all.
I spent the year 1945 and 1946 in the school it was at the end of "Sath" term that I decided to go to "Ghom" in order to continue my studies.
I should mention that our foreign language in the first and second grade of high school was French and i had studied French language during those 2 years.
But in the social environment of that day they taught English more.
In the last year of high school that I was in "Isfahan" I decided to learn English in and out.
I studied a complete collection of "reader" and my teacher was a family member who knew English well, so I became familiar with the ups and downs of English language.
In 1946 I came to "Ghom" .
In around 6 month I completed the rest of "Sath" ,"Makaseb" and "Kefayeh"and we begin the lessons of "Kharej" from the beginning of 1947.
For the lessons of "Kharej e Feghh "and the "Usul" we use to go to class of our dear teacher "Ayatollah Mohaghegh Damad".
Also we used to go to the class of our leader and Master and trainer Imam Khomeini and then the lessons of "Ayatollah Boroujerdi", some lessons of the classes of
"Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Khansari" and some lessons of
"Ayat ollah Hojat Kooh Kamari" was added to this.
In the 6 month that i was studying the rest of the "Sath" I studied some "Kafayeh"
in the classes of "Ayat ollah Haj Sheykh Morteza Haeri Yazdi" and I studied "Makaseb" and some of "Kafayeh" with Ayat ollah Damad".
So then we turned those same lessons in to "Kharej".
I had studied the "Manzoomeh of logic " and "Speech" in Isfahan.
In Ghom this study was cut Because there were a few Philosophy teachers.
Our time was passed studying "Feghh" and "Usul", I also studied other different subjects.
In "Houzeh" those students who can teach both study and teach at the same time and in Isfahan I taught and so I did in "Ghom".
When I came to "Ghom" I went to "Hojjatiyeh" school.
In was a school founded by "Ayatollah Hojjat".
I was in "Ghom" from 1946 and I used to study these topics and lessons.
In the same years our " Master Ayatollah Tabatabai" had come from "Tabriz" to "Ghom".
In 1948 i thought I continue my new researches.
Therefore I got my Diploma in Literature and got my B.A in Theology and Islamic sciences from Tehran University.
It was between 1947-1950.In the 3rd year of the University I came to Tehran so to learn new lessons and also continue my studies in English by a foreign teacher who knew more.
In 1949-1950 I was here in Tehran.
I used to teach for a living and I was self sufficient.
I used to work and study at the same time.
In 1950 I was employed as an English teacher in "Hakim Nezami" high school of "Ghom".
In those days 3 hours of teaching a day was enough to make a living, the rest of your time you could study.
From 1950 to 1955 i did some philosophical work.
I used to go to the philosophy classes of our Master "Allameh Tabatabai" and took lessons "Asfar" and "Shafa".
Asfar of "Mulla Sadra and "Shafa" of Avecina.
Also in the Same years at Thursday and Friday nights we had a passionate and hot and constructive discussion with our brothers "Martyr Ostad Motahari" and so many others.
It took 5 years to complete these discussions and the result was the book
"The Method Of Realism".
During these years we were active in social and propaganda fields.
In 1947 which means a year after I entered "Ghom" me and the late "Motahari" along with 18 other brothers coordinated a program to go to villages for propaganda and we did it for 2 years.
In "Ramadan" Month which was hot he use to go to villages with our own money for propaganda.
Of course we didn't have any money "Ayatollah Boroujerdi" used to give us 100 Tomans each in 1947 by Imam Khomeini.
So that when we go to the villages we wouldn't have to become guests in a village's house it was for food and room in that 1 month.
For transportation and the expenses of living we used to get the money and spend from our own pockets.
I had other activities in the "Hozeh" ,it is too long and I don't want to put all of it in one article.
In 1949 and 1950 I was in Tehran it was the peak of social and political struggles for oil nationalization under the leadership of "Ayatollah Kashani" and Dr., Mosadegh.
I as a Talabeh used to participate in demonstrations and meetings .
In July.23.1951 (30,Tir,1330 H.Sh.) the they of people uprising against
"Ghavam ol Saltaneh" Government and I actively participated in the strikes between 26 and 30th of Tir "H.sh", July 19 to 23 of 1951.
They gave me the parole for the first or the second speech.
And I delivered a lecture in the strike which was in the telegraph House of "Isfahan".
I remember that I compared what Iranian nation was doing in regard to the Oil and the British colonialism with the task Egyptian Nation and "Jamal Abdol Naser" were following on the question of the "Suez Channal" and the interference of the British and the French.This was the subject of the lecture at that time.
It was a warning to the Shah and "Ghavam ol Saltaneh" that Iranian nation cannot see that their movement for Oil Nationalization be destroyed by colonialism.
Anyway after the coup of Aug.19,1953 in a conclusion we reached to this result that at that time we didn't have enough trained cadres.
Again this is a long discussion. Therefore we decided to create a cultural movement and train our cadres under its pretext.
We also decided that this movement be authentically Islamic and progressive. So we established a high school by the name of "Religion and knowledge" ,(Din o danesh) in Ghom by the help of our friends. But I was responsible for its management. It was established in 1954. I was in Ghom until 1963 and I was the director of the high school, meanwhile I was teaching in the "Hozeh".
We established ties with university students. We found the tie between university students and the clergy men a good and blessed tie and we believe that these two stratus should be with each other shoulder to shoulder based on the authentic and pure Islam.
Meanwhile at that time the writing activities had begun in Hozeh, they used to write in the magazine "Maktab e Islam" and "Maktab e Tashaio".
I cooperated with them. These were articles with the same fundaments but in a new language for a younger generation and in respond to the questions of the young generation. I cooperated with the "Makab e Islam" a little but much with "Maktab e Tashaio" .
Then from 1955 to 1958 I finished my P.H.D in theology in Tehran university. During this time I was in Ghom and used to come to Tehran to attend classes and to do the jobs I had to do.
In that same year 1958 the sessions of our discussions began in Tehran. These sessions were for giving the message of Islam to a curious generation with a new method. There was a big house in Ghaen alley and each month one of us used to deliver a lecture. The subjects of the lectures were determined beforehand.
The lectures were taped and the tapes were downloaded on paper then they would become booklets and books and were published. 3 Volume by the name of "Goftar e mah" and one volume "Goftar e Ashoura" were published. In these sessions the late Ayatollah Taleghani, Ayyatollah Motahari and other gentlemen used to take part.
These sessions were a good basic step and as a matter of fact was a step in the way like what later was done in Irshad Husseynieh. In 1959 we got involved in organizing the Hozeh Elmiyeh of Ghom . The teachers had several sessions for discussions about programming the Hozeh discipline , I took part in two sessions and our task became fruitful in these sessions.
In one of these sessions "Mr Rabani Shirazi" and Martyr "Saidi" and so many others were taking part.
Mr Meshkini and so many others were present. We succeeded in writing down a program in a given time for the design and program of Islamic sciences studies in the Hozeh. It was done in 17 years and this became a base for the establishment of other schools whose best example is the "Haghani" school or "Montazeriyeh" school in the name of "Mahdi e Montazer" (God saluts him)but by the name of Haghani who built the school.
He is a man who put his everything on building this school. And it became famous as the "Haghani" school God give him all the good there is.
The "Haghani" school was established and this program was executed there. So some of our time was passed in these schools. In 1962 when the Islamic revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini and the active participation of the Shia clergy made a turning point in the revolutionary efforts of the Iranian Muslims, I was present in these movements. Then in these years we in Ghom created the center of Ghom students for the consolidation of the ties between students, teachers, "Tolab" and the university students. The man responsible for this job's management was our brother and dear friend Martyr Dr. Mofateh. There were very interesting sessions ,each week one of us used to deliver a speech and some friends used to come from Tehran.
Sometimes Mr. Motahari sometimes others, teachers from "Ghom" they all came and in one mosque in one session ,"Tollab", students, teachers and university students all sat, and in fact this was an example of the effort for the union between university students and the clergy , but this time it was in relation to the struggle and in respect to making the culture of the struggle and Islam progress and develop. These efforts of ours was heavy for the regime and in the winter of 1963 they forced me to leave Ghom and come to Tehran. We came to Tehran in 1963 and in the continuation of the works established close contacts with militant groups.
We had an organized and active relationship with "Jamiyat e Heyathaye Motalefe" and it was in these kinds of "Jamiyatha" that once by the proposal of their central committee Imam appointed a group of four as the political and the Feghhi council "Mr Motahari", me, "Mr Anvari" and "Mr Molai")these activities were continued .
In the same years we thought that we and our friends change the lessons in religion books and the programs behind it. There was places where we could do that .
Of course a way from the intervention of the hell like regime's apparatuses. We succeeded in doing so in several meetings and we sat the basis and the fundaments of the new programs and books for the courses of lessons in religion. By we , I mean Me, Dr Bahonar, Mr Ghafouri, Mr Borghei and some of our friends like "Dr Razi e shirazi" who was with us for a short time and others like the late "Mr Rouzbeh" who played a key role with the cooperation of all these men we provided the fundaments for this program. Now about some of the jobs i have forgotten to talk a bout.
It was in 1962 ,if I am not mistaking, or early 1963 in a Mabaas party organized by the Tehran university students in Amir Abad (The main Dormitory)in the self service hall that they invited me to deliver a speech.
In this lecture I choose a subject by the title of "Fighting tampering with is one of the aims of the Besaat".
In this lecture I set forth a research plan that was later on published in the magazine "Maktab e Tashayyo" and the late "Hanifnejad" and several other students who had come to "Ghom" for this invitation and some other young "Talabeh" who were there insisted that this research project begins . In the fall of that same year we began the research and by the participation of certain ulema in the field of government in Islam it all went well. We always were interested in the question of organization and in the Islamic government thought and making the plan of Islamic system concrete. so we began the adventure as a research project.
It was these different projects that was heavy for the regime and they forced me to come to Tehran and i continued my cooperation with Ghom in Tehran. After several months the regime's pressure was reduced and again we used to go to "Ghom" and deliver lectures in Haghani school ,also in these sessions of government in Islam. But SAVAK attacked these people and made them scatter. In 1964 when i was in Tehran and was working so hard on these different projects , the Hamburg Muslims whose founding fathers were the clergy and had been founded by "Ayatollah Boroujerdi" pressured the "Maraje" the jurisprudences to send another clergy to Hamburg because the late
Mr. Mohagheghi had returned to Iran. These pressures were transferred to "Ayatollah Milani" and "Ayat ollah Khansari" and "Ayat ollah Haeri" and so
Ayatollah Milani" insisted that I had to go there. Other gentlemen had the same demand. On the other hand because the military branch of "Heyathaye Motalefe" had ratified that Mansour should be executed and after this revolutionary execution the dossier was followed and it contained my name our friends thought that I should leave the country in some way and do my activity outside Iran. When the invitation came our friends thought that this is a good way by which I could get out of Iran and become active abroad for sometimes. Of course I preferred to stay in Iran , I was saying that i am ready for what ever that comes my way, but when we were together all of our friends would accept that if I go it was better. My problem then was a passport which the government denied me but our friends told me that they can get the passport through contacts with "Ayatollah Khonsari".
At that time these types of jobs were done through Ayatollah Khansari. He tried and got the passport. In this way the passport problem was solved and in relation to these "Maraje" specially "Ayatollah Milani" I went to Hamburg.
The problem with my job was that I had to be left behind from the activities I had in Iran and this was heavy for me and the decision was that I remain in Hamburg for a short time to organize the affairs of Hamburg, but there I felt that students are in a great need for an organization an Islamic organization. Because our dear young men and women came here from Iran with love for the Islam and the confederation and right and left atheist organizations mis leaded these young boys and girls. With the great effort of several young Muslims who were in the Muslim student union in Europe we created the main cell of the union of Islamic Associations of Iranian students. These brother and sisters used to work with Arab, Pakistanian, Indian and African brothers etc.
Some of them were in these Iranian student organizations.
The Islamic center of Hamburg was organized. We also had some activities for getting the Europeans familiar with Islam and so we had some activities to explain the revolutionary Islam to the young generation.
I stayed for more than 5 years. During these five years I went to "Hadj" once , I had a trip to Syria and Lebanon and i came to turkey to check the Islamic activities there and seeing our friends specially Mr "Sadr"(Imam Mousa Sadr) I hop where ever he is god save him and if god wills he will return to our society. I also had a trip to Iraq and saw Imam khomeini, in 1970, i had a trip to Iran but I knew that the possibility that I could come back from Iran was almost zero. There were necessities like personal necessities that made me come back to Iran .
I came to Iran and as I had predicted they didn't allow me to go back to Germany. Here in Iran I had private sector jobs for a while then we had to continue the job of programming and providing books. We followed this task , we also had scientific activities in "Ghom" in relation to Haghani school and we began a very expanded research activity.
With the cooperation of "Mr. Mahdavi Kani" and "Mr. Mousavi Ardabili" and the late
"Dr.M offateh" and some other friends we answer the question of organizing "Rohaniyat e Mobarez" colaborating with the current struggle in the society for freedom took a part of our time .
In 1976 certain cells were organized for organizational cadres, until in 1977-1978
"Rohaninat e Mobarez "was formed .
From the beginning we were after creating a well expanded underground organization or semi -underground party and a political organization.
And in these activities we and our friends were working together.
In 1977 that the struggle became serious we concentrated all our forces in this organization.
Thank God we came out victorious by the help of all of the brothers.
I have forgotten to say that from 1970 i had began a Quran session by the name of "Maktab e Quran".
The meeting was held on Saturdays it was a center for the gathering of some of the young brothers and sisters, around 400 to 500 people attended these meetings.
They were constructive classes.
I was arrested in 1975 by "SAVAK" because of these meetings and other activities that I had in abroad.
For several days I was in central committee prison but we had done it safe and they didn't have many carts on me.
So we got released. Of course "SAVAK" wanted to see me before and after my trip but during does times the arrests were for ours and temporary.
This time I was in the committee prison for several days and finally I was freed.
we couldn't continue the meeting of Quran interpretation .
In 1978 because of the role I had in revolutionary activities and demonstrations they arrested me in "Ashoura" and took me to "Evin" prison and to the committee prison and again i was freed.
I continued my activities Until Imam Khomeini went to Paris.
After Imam's trip to Paris we went there and saw him.
In this way the main cell of the revolution council was formed by Imam's view on the subject and his order the first member of the council of Revolution were appointed.
These were "Mr.Motahari", "Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani", "Mr. Mousavi Ardebili" and
"Mr. Bahonar " and me.
later on "Mr. Mahdavi Kani" was added to us then "Mr. Khamenei" and then the late
"Ayatollah Taleghani", "Mr. Bazargan" and "Dr. Sahabi " and some other people were added Until Imam came back to Iran.
I think there are a lot written on the subject after the return of Imam to Iran and there is no need to continue talking about this here anymore.
Our Family had 3 children , my sisters and my Mother are alive but my father died in 1962.
The death of our father didn't have any other effect but some emotional ones.
And the heavy load of responsibility of my mother and sisters. Of course emotionally I was hurt but it didn't change my way of life.
At that time I was married and had 2 children. I got married in 1952 with a lady from my own family.
She belongs to a clerical family.
The fruit of our life up to now that we have shared life with its ups and downs for 29 years is 2 son and 2 daughters. My wife has been with me everywhere outside Iran and inside Iran.

From his Books we can mention :

1- God in the Quranic view
2-What is prayers
3-Banking and financial laws of Islam ( in a collection)
4- The victorious Militant
5-A new strata in our society
6- The clergy in Islam among the Muslims
7-To get to know the Religion
8-The role of faith in human life
9-Which ideology
10- On Cognition
11- On Property

After the victory of Revolution and the formation of the Revolution council Martyr
Beheshti was one of the most Active and effective personalities in the council.
He was appointed to the chief of the supreme court by Imam Khomeini.
Martyr Beheshti along with some of the believers and the faithful established the I.R.P
and he was appointed as the secretary general of the party.
He was in the post up to his Martyrdom.

Seyyed Mohammad Bagher  Husseini Lavasani



Martyr Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Husseini Lavasani

**The Representative of the people of "Tehran"**

The Martyr was born in 1943 in a clergy family in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tehran.

His father gave him the name of Mohammad Bagher and his mother gave him the name of Hussein. Therefore in family and friendly gatherings they called him Hussein .

He passed his primary school in "Onsori" and "Nezami"schoolsand finished his high school in "Daraolfonun".

Based on an old tradition in his family he studied both the Islamic and the new sciences at the same time.

He studied the Islamic Sciences out of the hours he studies new sciences and during the summer time .

He very soon learned the Arabic primaries and literature and because of the proper familial conditions and his great attachment he learned Arabic Sciences of "FEGHH", "USUL", "SPEECH", and Islamic Philosophy because there were a lot of books from his grand fathers as a heritage in the house from his maternal grand fathers like the late "Ayatollah Haj Mula Hadi Modares Tehrani" and the late "Haj Seyyed Hassan Damad"and the late "Haj Sheykh Ahmad Kani" who taught in the "Marvi" school and his paternal grandfather the late "Ayatollah Seyyed Zeynolabedin Lavasani" the teacher of the 'Hozeh Elmiyeh of Najaf" and Tehran and his father "Haj Seyyed Mohammad Reza"

(Haj Seyyed Fakhoddin)Lavasani, he became a learned man in Arabic so soon and this resulted in his progress and expertise in Usul and Islamic Philosophy in nearly 15 years of studies in this magors.

in 1962 after getting his Diploma in biology because of his interest in Medical science he entered the Medical school of Tehran University.

In that 1 year of school he passed the teacher's training course in order to serve in education Ministry.

In 1963 he became the teacher of "Alavi" school of "Rostam Abad". He found another base while studding Medicine an Islamic propaganda in the school of Medicine.

He established the Islamic Association and the library of the school during the years of studying Medicine by the help of some of his class mates.

He established Religious meetings , speeches and lectures which were closed down so soon by the chief of the faculty and the Regime.

After finishing his university in Medical school he cured villagers for some times in the "Astaneh" village of "Arak"as a Medical Doctor.

In 1970 he began his specialist term in surgery of ear and throat which took him 3 years to finish.

During the Revolution era he openly began fighting the Regime in the Feb,1979 after the declaration of Marshal law and the call for it's cancellation by Imam he along with other brother s and sisters of that locality began their move to conquer the "Gholhak" police station and in the day of the victory of the Revolution feb.12,1979 he was working beside his brother Dr. Jafar in royal hospital(present Resalat Hospital)up to the morning because this Hospital had declared it's need for surgeon generals.

In the years after the revolution in the early months of 1979 he was appointed to the post of the chief of supreme school of heath care by the insistence of the students and the proposal of the education Ministry officials.

Immediately after Revolution he and some of his old friends established the bases of I.R.P Medical unit.

Because these activities attracted Muslim Doctors and health care personnel in Nov.1979 the Medical Doctors of I.R.P were given the responsibility of the administration of the Ministry of the health care by the council of the Revolution.

Because of this the responsibilities became more and harder and by the persistence of the party's Doctors finally he accepted the post of the Deputy Minister of the health and social welfare.

He asked Martyr Dr. Fayyaz Bakhsh to work with him in the beginning of his term. So soon he understood that so many of the integrated offices of the Ministry are irrelevant to the Ministry of health care therefore he prepared the plan for health and social welfare organization with cooperation of Martyr Dr. Fayyaz Bakhsh and gave the plan to the council of the Revolution. the council ratified the plan because it was practical and logical and the plan became operational.

In the early 1980 he became a candidate for "Majlis" Elections from Tehran by I.R.P.

He was elected to the post.

He loved God and didn't have any other desire but the union with God.

He always used to say : I don't have the power to get a weapon and go to the war fronts from this brigade to that brigade but I want Martyrdom from God .

It was in this way that he along with 72 other shining stars of the Islamic Revolution became Martyrs.

They joined God in the night of June.28.1981.

god bless his soul.

Ghasem  Sadeghi


Martyr Hojjatol Islam Dr. Ghasem Sadeghi
*** the Representative of People of "Mashhad" ***

He was born in Sep.22.1936 in a rural house in "Garmeh Bojnourd".

He lost his mother when he was 7 and when he was 12 he was working for making "Maktab e Pouya ye Tashayyo" operational.

He left for Mashhad's "Houze ye Elmiye" and after Passing primary levels in "Navvab" school he learned "Sath" from "Ayatollah Ghazvini" and

"Feghh" and "Usul" under disposition of "Ayatollah Milani" and he reached to the high levels in those courses.

After that he entered university and after getting his University degree he started his services as a teacher and he succeeded in continuing his studies and getting his Doctrine in Feghh and Islamic Laws.

And after a while he entered university for teaching.

And finally in the first Majlis term he was elected as the "Mashhad" representative by the approval of high Ulema.

In Majlis he became a member of education , culture , research and high level education commotion.

Martyr "Dr. Sadeghi" lived Humbly as a P.M and University lecturer.

He was always in the brigade of defense of Islam and it's sacred principals.

In his studing era his friend considered him as a just and "Mojtahid Talabeh" and his University era his students considered and welcomed him as a kind brother.

Because of his understanding of Islamic Ideology and his studies on the subject his sessions of lectures were against the opposers of Quran and his words was ahot fist on the mouths of those who denied the existence of Allah.

In the brigade of "Tohid" he fought blasphemy.

2 books has remained from him, one about " Mabda" and another about "Moad" and several articles.

Martyr Dr. Sadeghi in his fruitful life has gone to Mecca ,Iraq ,Syria ,Jordan and Egypt.

He finally got martyred in june.28.1981 in the Explosion of the central office of I.R.P.

From Martyr Dr. Sadeghi 2 boys by the Name of "Ali" and "Mohammad" and A girl have remained as souvenir.

They will continue their father's path.

Ali  Hashemi Sanjani



Hojjatol Islam Ali Hashemi Sanjani
*** The Representative of people of "ARAK" ***

Martyr Hojjatol Islam Ali Hashemi Sanjani was born in 1911 in "Sanjan" of "Arak".

His father was a pious farmer and his mother was a "Alavit" Seyyedeh who was very respectful in the village .

While the encouragement of his mother he began his studies from his childhood,he studied the primaries under the teachings of "Haj Sheyk Ata Ollah Faghihi Sanjani" in his birth place .

Then he went to "Arak" and studied different levels of "Sath" under the teachings of the Ulema of "Arak Hozeh" then in order to complete his studies he went to "Ghom".

In "Ghom Hozeh Elmiyeh " he enjoyed the classes of

"Ayatollah Hojat", "Abolhassan Isfahani", "Broujerdi", "Hakim", "Shirazi", "Golpaygani" and "Imam Khomeini".

He became a thoughtful, committed and perfect mystic and able poet and became one of the teachers of "Hozeh".

During the black and dictatorship and repression of Shah's Regime, he in never forgot to disclose the Shah's Regime in his speeches.

With the love he had for "Velayat" family he used their guidance and messages of the "Shia Imaman" he guide the people and disclosed the Regime and this resulted in "Savak" stopping his speeches.

After the victory of the revolution he became a "Majlis" P.M by the voit of the people of "Arak".

He finally became a Martyr in June.28.1981 in the Explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

There are several works in "Feghh, Morals and Speech" that have remained from him .

He also has certain poems in Mysticism

Hasan  Azodi



Martyr Dr. Hasan Azodi
*** The Deputy Minister of Education and high level Studies ***

Martyr Dr. Hassan Azodi was born in 1946 in a religious and middle class family in the city of "Rasht".

He finished his primary and high school years in the same city .

He was the best student of the class in these years .

He loved Islam from the beginning of his childhood and used to call for prayers in the masques and from his teenage years he use to read and listen to the tapes of "Dr.Shariati" and "Ostad Motahari".

After getting his Diploma he went to service and got acquainted with the life of the deprived working people of the country by going to the far distant villages as a knowledge army man.

He finished his service while disclosing the ex regime's atrocities for the people because he believed in his social awareness, then he came to Tehran to continue his studies and he went to the faculty of the social communication sciences.

He got his B.A in 2 majors of Journalism and Public Relations and propaganda.

After that because of his interest in politics he entered the faculty of political science and continued his studies for a master degree.

Then he went to U.S.A and got another master degree in Business Administration with his expertise in international management from "Dallas" university.

Because he had a good grade point average he was accepted as an honorary member of Managers Association.

Then he continued his studies up to his P.H.D degree in political economy in "Texas" University of "Dallas".

During this time he was active in Islamic Association of Iranian Students in the U.S.A and Canada.

With the beginning of the Islamic revolution he came back to Iran he taught students at the "Gilan" university in the classes of Islamic beliefs.

After the victory of the Revolution he was one of the elected members of the expert assembly from "Gilan" and he was elected to the post of presiding board by the expert assembly.

With the beginning of the I.R.P activities he was in close contact with the founders of the party and he established the "Gilan" branch of I.R.P and became a member of the Islamic Revolution headquarters of Gilan, Dr. Azodi then accepted the post of the president of the Translation supreme school by the demand of the students and at the same time taught at the Islamic Revolution faculty of the "Melli" university free of charge.

Dr. Azodi was appointed to the post of the president of university of literature and humanities after the integration of the universities and began his activities in different committees of cultural Revolution headquarters.

He was one of the five Members of the integration committee of universities and supreme schools .

His last post in addition to the above mentioned responsibilities was the deputy minister of culture and higher education.

He was also the chief of the organization of student affairs and education evaluation.

He used to work 16 hours a day and in this way he was apart from his own family, he allways considered himself as the father of deprived children of the society and in return for his activities he demanded nothing from the Beytolmal and what he used to get as the salary was spent on the life of his family meaning a wife and two children his sisters and others who needed him.

Martyr Dr. Azodi lost his mother and then his father when he was young therefore he has been responsible for his brothers and sisters.

He not only took the responsibility but he considered the same social responsibility toward others who needed him.

What has remained from him as heritage is a complete library of books in Islamic and other sciences. He was martyred in June.28.1981 in the explosion of central office of I.R.P in Tehran .

God bless his soul.

Shamsaldin  Husseini Naeeni



Martyr Dr. Seyyed Shamsaldin Husseini Naeeni

*** The representative of the people of "Naeen" ***
Martyr Dr. Husseini Naeeni was born in 1933 in "Sultan Nasir e Naeen" in a religious family. He lost his father at the age of 4.

He lived among the deprived people and got familiar with the sufferings of the people for his studies he spent sometimes in "Isfahan" and passed his high school years in this city.

he also took part in the classes of "Sadr" school to learn Islamic sciences.

He studied the literature by the teachings of "Haj Ahmad Agha" one of the learned men of Hozeh.

He was present in the classes of "Haj Sheykh Mohammad Hussein Alem Najaf Abadi" and "Ayatollah Zanjani" and learned "Nahjolbalagheh" and Quran interpretation under the teachings og great pious "Haj Mirza Ali Shirazi".

After finishing the primaries and the "SOTUH" in order to add to his knowledge he first came to "Ghom" then came to Tehran.

He got admitted to supreme school of "Sepahsalar"(Shahid Motahari school) and studied Quran interpretation and the principles of Islamic beliefs in the classes of "Ayat ollah Taleghani".

He learned philosophy under "Ostad Motahari" and "Ayatollah Haeri" and got his B.A in theology and Islamic sciences.

Then in the same faculty he got his master degree and defended his thesis by the title of "Jihad in the way of Islam".

Then he went to India and was enrolled in "ALIGAREH" Islamic university which is the one of the biggest Islamic universities of the world.

He passed his thesis under the Philosopher Master "Kalb e Abed" by the title of "The philosophy of praying and a comparative view about differences between prayers in Islam and other Religions".

Martyr Husseini did research and taught at the same time.

He taught lessons in religion and social science in different high schools.

He cooperates with "Mr. Rajayi" and "Mr.Jalaloddin Farsi" in "Ghods" high school and his friendship with "Mr. Rajayi" continued in "Mirdamad" high school.

He was cooperating with "Dr.B eheshti" and "Dr. Bahonar" in the organization of research and programming of the Ministry of Education.

He also taught Islamic sciences for some times in the university.

He also cooperated with "Marvi Cultural Institution" where Imam first stayed on his return to Iran.

Of his other activities was the formation of religious meeting and sessions beside his speeches and other activities .

He valued these activities very much .

During these years Matyr Husseini cooperated with the charity fund of "Vali ye Asr" which Supervised the life of poor and "Mostazaf" families.

He also cooperated with "ZAKHIRE YE JAVID" fund which was one of the revolutionary and Islamic Institutions.

He worked hard and restlessly in order to realize the Islamic revolution and his ideological ideals for so many years in the dark era of "Ariyamehri" repression.

He always tried to disclose the crimes of the "Pahlavi" Regime and to persuade the people by poetry articles and speeches to accept the republic as a political system.

After the victory of the revolution by the leadership of Imam Komeini, Martyr Husseini cooperated with the Ministry of Education General Office of Training Affairs as an expert of Religious and Traning Affairs.

He was then elected on the part of I.R.P to the Majlis from "Naeen".

He always regarded the Majlis as the brigade of defense of Islam and the Imam's line of "VELAYAT E FAGHIH".

He finally got martyred in June.28.1981 in the Explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran.

He always wanted to become a Martyr , he considered Martyrdom as the most valuable support for the Islamic Revolution.

He talked about Martyrdom and what he wanted.

He asked his friends to pray that he become a Martyr and God answer him.

God bless his soul.

Ali Asghar  Zamani


Martyr Ali Asghar Zamani

Martyr Ali Asghar Zamani was born in a poor and Muslim farmer family on 1952 in "Naragh" village which was a suburb of "Mahalat".

He passed his childhood in "Naragh" until the third grade of the primary school and then he left for Tehran with his family to continue his studies.

He passed his high school years in the ex" Mohamad Reza Shah" and "Dr Mahmoud Shimi" high schools and he graduated in 1969.

He began studying religious books in the first year of his high school and from the beginning he showed that he will have a great future. In the high school he was one of the best students and he was admired by high school personnel because of his morals. In the last year of high school he and some of his friends seriously began forming religious associations because of the knowledge he had acquired on the Islamic issues and in this way he began his struggle.

After establishing religious Associations and guiding kids and teenagers in different districts he himself participated in the classes of Bani Fatima Husseinieh.

In 1969 after graduating from high school he entered the N.I.O.C accounting faculty and continued his studies and got his masters in accounting.

He used to work as a child and studied at the same time. He always was with true Islamic line of the Shia clergy and although he was invited to join other groups but he never accepted to work with any group but the true Islam of the responsible and committed "Shia" clergy and from the beginning he followed the Imam Khomeinis line. When "Irshad Husseinieh" began its activities he joined the students of the late

"Dr. Shariati' and he continued his cooperation with these students until the "Irshad Husseinieh" was shut down by American Mercenaries.

After this event he continued his struggle along with martyr "Dr. Mofateh" and several friends and established ideological classes in the "Javid" and "Ghoba" mosques then in these classes he got acquainted with martyr "Dr. Beheshti" this great source of knowledge and virtue .

From this period on he and his friends work got a new form and by his hard work the cognition classes of martyr "Dr. Beheshti" was established in his house .

He continued his struggle beside that Martyr then with the beginning of the Islamic revolution he played a crucial role in the Tehran demonstrations committee and the Islamic revolution's central committee.

After the establishment of Islamic Republic Party he and some of his friends joined the party and he was elected to the student unit supervisor.

When the construction "Jihad" was established he was the party's representative in that organ and by the establishment of illiteracy eradication movement he joined in and helped this organ with his serious activity. Then when the Majlis was established and "Hojjatol Islam Rafsanjani" became it's speaker he became the man responsible for his office.

He continued his cooperation with the Islamic Republican Party after the victory of the Islamic revolution and finally got martyred along with 71 people who were the best friends of Imam and at their top martyr "Ayatollah Dr. Beheshti" in the catastrophe of the Jun/28/1981 in the Islamic Republic's Central Office.

Alireza  Cheraghzadeh Dezfouli



Martyr Alireza Cheraghzadeh Dezfouli

*** The Representative of the People of "Ramhormoz" ***

Martyr Alireza Cheraghzadeh Dezfouli was born in March, 1953 in a poor family in "Ahvaz".

His father Mohhammad Ali Cheraghzadeh was a simple Cupper smith .

He was not even 4 years old when he lost his father .

In his childhood and teenage years he worked in different fields.

While studying and experiencing the suffering of the deprived people the young people knew him as an active personality in religious activities.

After getting his B.A in accounting he was employed in N.I.O.C but resigned after a year of work and established a production workshop with the help of some of his friends.

But the workshop was closed down because of the lack of facilities.

After the victory of the revolution in the early 1979 he became the supervisor of "Haft Gel"district.

He was the loved one by the people of "Haft Gel" because of the way he lived and the services he rendered to the working poor people.

People saw that while his house was surrendered by flood he helps the other citizens of the town by all means.

He knew Arabic and English and has written a lot of articles about the study method and understanding a text and on the methods of speech and discussions.

He used to teach in the school to fill up the place of teachers who were not available for the town's kids.

He established religious classes in the mosque to guide the young.

The "Haft Gel" people who didn't know him for more than a year trusted him because of his way of living, porosity and honesty and sent him to 'Majlis".

During his P.M years his activities in favor of the poor working people of the region was continued .

He was a member of Economy and Finance and Post and Telegraph Commission.

His efforts and role in constructing roads and making the T.V stations operational and organizing the war hit migrants and tens of other activities is unforgettable.

He tried to only allow God to know about his services to the people.

He disclosed "Banisadr" in "Majlis" while "Banisadr" was the president and would go to war torn cities to attract people to himself.

He was a follower of the great leader of the revolution.

Finally he got martyred in the I.R.P central office Explosion in Tehran.

God bless his soul.

Mohammad Ali  Fayyazbakhsh



Martyr Dr. Mohammad Ali Fayyazbakhsh

*** The Consultant and Director of Welfare Organization ***

Martyr Fayyazbakhsh was born in 1937 in "Bazzar Ahangaran Tehran "Neigbourhood in a religious family,he fininshed his primary school in "Khosravi Haft tan " of "Bazzar" and he finished his high school years in "Marvi" high school he was an outstanding student all these years and he studied the old lessons of "Jame ol Moghadamat" and Arab litrature in those days in the classes of the "Talabeh " of Tehran.

These studies continued up to his mid university years and he dedicated himself completely to "Mostazafin", Islamic training and teachings and school of thought made a believer committed Muslim out of him he always was propagating Islamic culture even his all patients who came from "Tafresh" and "Roudbar" were the Martyr passed his service years there or "Saghez" and "Sabzevar" and the villages of "Kordestan" the people who still used to come to his office had a lot of memories about the mosques water pools and bath rooms that he was active in building them.

After becoming a specialist in surgery he worked for free for 3 years in the hospital no.3 which was a branch of the university .

In 1966 he established the "Darvazeh Shemiran" ,"Salman Farsi" clinic with the help of friend like Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Lavasani.

He began the training of first aid medical trainees in the clinic and in his house before the black Friday.

This program was centralized in "Mahalatiha" Husseiniyeh and still is continuing in an expanded manner in all over the country with the help of health Ministry.

The wounded in the black Friday are good witnesses to his great efforts in doing surgery on those who had a bullet in their bodies.

He was all in service of the victory of the revolution.

In 1979 in Nov. he established the "Asayeshgah Malulin Enghelab" by the help of trained medical assistants in "Darous" and when Imam came from Paris he was among the trusted Doctors of "Alavi" school .

He didn't accept Governmental posts until 1979 but in this year he became the General Director of "Tavanbakhshi" in the Health Ministry , he and Dr. Lavasani designed the draft for the country's Welfare Organization, and spent a year preparing the program and its budget and organization .

He had studied the case and used to say that Medical Assistance to 4 million deprived and crippled in Iranian society and to support the world's deprived is not an ordinary task.

Therefore in the preparation of the draft, they considered the full participation of the public in the organization.

He paid a lot of attention to the volunteers and if a volunteer had registered his or her name and was not put to the due job he would have suffered and would ask what is to be done in these cases.

Martyr Fayyazbakhsh was one of the three trusted medical doctors who were in contact with seven member of the headquarter appointed by Imam in the cultural revolution.

He was active in the medical doctor's branch of the I.R.P.

He rendered a lot of services for the revolution helping Martyr Rajaei to give aid to the villages over 60 years of age.

Establishment of Hand and Foot Fabrication centers all around the country at least in ten provinces and most important of all the execution of Imam's Fatva for the permition of spending Shariyeh Money in welfare organization and the establishment of the committee of medical Assitance of Imam Khomeini Foundation which now has 10000 members nationwide.

Finally in June 28.1981 he was Martyred along with other shining stars of the Islamic revolution in the explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran.

God Bless his soul.

 Hasan  Abbaspour

Martyr Sardar Dr. Hasan Abbaspour

*** The Minister of Power and Electricity ***

Martyr Abbaspour was born in 1944 in Tehran in a religious family .

He got his Diploma in 1963 from "Hadaf" high school in Mathematics with average grade point of 2.18 and in the same year was accepted in the Technical Faculty of Tehran University.

It was during these years that he became involved in political and religious activities and along with other Muslim student they used to participate in religious and political meetings.

From his companions in this period we can name Martyr "Dr. Mahmoud Ghandi" and Martyr "Naser Sadegh".

As a student of technical faculty he had contacts with Islamic student Militant groups but he took his university studies serious and in 1967 he got his M.S in Electro mechanics and became one of the outstanding graduates of this faculty.

It was only one year after the establishment of the "Sharif "Industrial University and they asked him to teach there.

They had also asked certain best graduates of polytechnic and sciences faculties in Tehran to teach in this university .

He was teach in from 1967 up to 1971 in that university .

In June .1971 he went to Switzerland and began to work in one of the most famous Swiss Companies and spent some times designing the 400.000 volt line between "Keban" and "Ankara".

He returned to Iran in 1972 then he went to England and got his P.H.D in programming and management of Energy Systems in the early 1978 then he returned to Iran and began teaching in "Sharif" Industrial University.

In London while actively participating in Islamic Association Union of Iranian students in Europe he had contacts with almost all underground and public groups that were fighting Shah's Regime directly or indirectly.

He was actively involved in copying revolutionary booklets and distributing them among the students residing in England.

After the revolution he became a member of I.R.P and was appointed to the post of Power and Electricity Minister .

He was Martyred on June.28.1981 in the explosion of I.R.P central office in Tehran .

God Bless his soul.

Seyyed Abdolhamid  Diyalameh



Martyr Dr. Seyyed Abdolhamid Diyalameh

***The Representative of the people of "Mashhad"***

Martyr Abdol Hamid Diyalameh was born in Tehran in 1954.

After finishing his primary school he began his high school in "Hadaf" high school No.2 and reached the peak of his struggle in high school by ideological and militant activities.

He got acquainted with Dr. Shariati in Different fields , he also became familiar with certain teachers of "Ghom Hoze ye Elmiyeh".

Martyr Diyalameh studied all Islamic sciences like mysticism philosophy and logics by teachers like "Ostad Motahari".

He studied new sciences specially Medicine in "Mashhad" University.

He attempted to revive the Shia thoughts and established the "Komail prayers" for the first time In Iran.

He believed that the struggle was realizable beside "Komail" prayers.

Martyr Diyalameh began his lectures by the title of "Serat e Mostaghim"

(The middle way or the Straight path).

and he neutralized the wrong thoughts which were poisonous for Islamic thoughts and he gathered a lot of sympathizers .

Because the aim of Diyalameh was God he enjoyed God's blessing.

Because of this his thoughts were not limited in the University and was propagated in the city.

Amid This ideological movement he took part in armed struggle.

He was attacked by "Savak" and was imprisoned.

Martyr Diyalameh came to Tehran From Mashhad after he got his Doctorate degree and established "Majma e Ehya ye Tafakorat e Shia".

His activities in Mashhad made him loved by the people.

This resulted in his election to the Majlis from "Mashhad" by the support of 5 supreme "Mujtahids".

Martyr Diyalameh began his activities in Majlis at the age of 26. Martyr Diyalameh was one of the first personalities who recognized the deviation from Islam in

"Banisadr" politicts and his newspaper and with the intention of disclosing him he along with some of his friends of the "Majma" came from "Mashhad" to Tehran and held an objection sit-down in the "Banisadr "daily the Islamic Revolution.

After that he was among the first P.Ms in Majlis who logicaly and by reason disclosed the wrong lines that were forming against Imam's line.

He disclosed the Banisadr line and invited him to a debate, he explained the liberal line that was using Dr. Mosaddegh as a pretext deeply.

Martyr Diyalame was perfectly familiar with Arab, English and French languages.

He was a member of "SHURA" commission.

Despite his lack of Hozavi Studies in most cases he could enter discussions with people who were at the Kharej level of Hozeh.

400 hours of tapes in different subjects has remained from him.

He finally became a Martyr in the June,28,1981 Explosion. In the central office of I.R.P in Tehran by M.K.O members who called themselves "Mujahed of Khalgh" accompanied by 72 other brothers.

God bless his soul.

Seyyed Reza  Paknejad


Martyr Dr. Seyyed Reza Paknejad

Martyr Dr. Seyyed Reza Paknejad was born in Nov.23.1923 in Yazd.

His father was Seyyed Abolghasem Paknejad was a trade man.

The Martyr began his studies after passing his childhood. He finished his primary and high school in National Primary school of Islam and Iranshahr High school in Yazd.

After getting his diploma in 1942 he went to "Mecca" and because in that year

Abutaleb Yazdi was beheaded in Mecca he and his companions were in custody for 31 days. The Duration of the trip all in all was 6 month and 7 days. He returned to Iran in 1943.

In 1952 he got enrolled in Medicine Faculty of Tehran University and in Feb.1957 he defended his doctrine by the title of all the programs of Medicine Faculty in Islam.

And he got a high grade for it.

Martyr Dr. Seyyed Reza Paknejad studied Arabic and finished primary level under guides of "Hojat ol Islam Arabjam".

Dr. Paknejad is the author of 110 books in medicine and Islamic sciences.

The most important Book of his is the first University and the last messenger.

Up to now 40 volume of this book has been printed.

From his articles we could refer to articles in dailies like "Aeen e Islam",

"Toofan e Yazd", "Molk e Yazd", "Maktab e Islam", "Seda ye yazd".

Also we could mention his book 2000 years of regression in the name of clean calendar.

He has a lot of scientific and religious lectures that has been rendered in different cities.

Before the revolution he has rendered his services as a teacher , accountant and finally as a doctor and the chief of "Yazd Harati" Hospital and the chief of "Yazd Bimeh" Hospital.

His posts after the revolutions are as follows :

1) Lecturer in Yazd College

2) Staff member of Trade Representative

3) Doctor of health care center

4) Chief of "Amir Al Momenin" Hospital

5)Chief of Medical Center of Social Insurances Organizations

6) Deputy chief of health care center

7) The chief of Directing board of "Alavi Cultural Group" in Yazd

8)Chief of Directing board of "Javid Fund"

9)Chief of directing board of "Hazrat e Reza" Charity Organization.

10)Chief of the Industries Council

11)Chief of number one Medical Center

12)PM from Yazd and a member of budget and programming commission.

Martyr Dr. Seyyed Reza Paknejad had 2 trips to Mecca and 4 trips to Iraq.

He went to Switzerland for scientific researches meanwhile he had short trips to London, Paris and Berlin.

Martyr Dr. Seyyed Reza Paknejad absolutely observed morals .

In praying he was a great pious who always was in the first line of "Jamaat Praying" in the mosque.

In the field of combat and social services he always thought of "Mostazafin".

His Fatherly services to Yazd orphans were exclusive.

He was a Humble man he talked less and worked much, when he would began to talk his words were kind, he slept a little and studied very much.

At The table he would only eat one kind of food.

Martyr Dr. Seyyed Reza Paknejad defended the combat of "Shia" Clergy against the Shah's Regime.

He defended Islam.

On one hand with his lectures in high schools and religious societies he would familiarize the younger generation with fundaments and revolutionary and humanistic values of Islam. And on the other hand he would disclose the Regime. Because of this "SAVAK" was afraid of him. he was threatened by "Savak" By Telephone.

Once he was sent to "Savak" of "Isfahan" and after his release he continued his struggle.

Several times he was threatened to death. His work for Islamic revival continued after the revolution.

Finally in June.28.1981 he was martyred with his companions in the Islamic Republican Party in Tehran.

His Grave is in Yazd.


 Mohammad Sadegh  Changi



Mohammad Sadegh Changi was born on March, 21, 1960 in Kermanshah province. He had finished his guidance school was a soldier. Mohammad Sadegh was single and lived in Kermanshah. He was finally martyred in Kermanshahs Sirvan city by the terrorist elements of MKO on June, 28, 1990.

Gholamreza  Danesh Ashtiani

Martyr Dr.Gholamreza Danesh Ashtiani

***Representative of the people of "Tafresh and Ashtian"***

Martyr Dr. Danesh Ashtiyani the father of Martyr Mahboubeh Ashtiyani who was Martyred in the black friday (sep,7, 1978 ) was born in 1930 in Ashtiyan in a Muslim family who believed in Islam.

He lost his father at the age of 11 and his mother a Muslim woman took the charge of the household in which he and his 4 brothers lived .

After finishing the second grade of high school in "ASHTIYAN" he went to Ghom to study the Islamic Sciences to enjoy the endless sea of Quran and Islam.

After 8 years of studies under great teachers Like "Ayatollah Boroujerdi" and "Ayatollah Golpaygani" and "Mr. Mohaghegh Damad" and staying and living with valuable Martyrs Dr. Mofatteh" and Dr. Beheshti in one Hojreh he came to Tehran.

Martyr Danesh came from Ghom to Tehran and continued his religious studies along with studying new sciences.

He became a teacher to make a living and serve the people.

He continued his studies by getting his Diploma and entering the faculty of theology up to his P.H.D.

He never stopped fighting against the Shah's Regime and wrong schools of thought.

In 1951-1953 when the Iranian people movement and struggle against colonialism was at its peak he and Martyr Amani and Sadegh Islami established the "Shiayan" group. Mr. Amani was martyred in relation to the revolutionary execution of the trator Mansour.

He continued his struggle along with the group of "Fadaiyan e Islam".

He was watched by the "Savak" and was jailed once.

He was working hard to guide the teenagers.

He trained a revolutionary and Islamic Generation.

He worked hard to establish Islamic schools.

He was one of the founders of the "GHODS" cultural group and was the directing manager one "JAHAN ARA" high school.

Up to 1977 he worked hard and honestly on the organization and the guidance of this Islamic Institution.

He was retired before due time because of not cooperating in implementation of wrong programs of the Regime in the high school in an irregular manner.

In the threshold of the victory of the Iranian Muslim people he was active round the clock in the committee that was formed to welcome Imam's arrival to Iran.

Dr. Gholamreza Danesh got married in 1951 and the fruit of this union was 4 daughters and 2 sons one of whom was martyred at the age of 17 in the black Friday apprising.

After the victory of the revolution he took part in organizing and planning for the program of the education department.

He went to "SHEYKHDOMS" in Persian Gulf and Turkey at the head of delegation to organize and elevate the education programs of Iranian schools abroad.

He formed the activities of the construction "Jihad" in the city of "Ashtiyan" and cooperated whole heartedly with the young Muslims.

In the first election for Majlis he became a P.M from "Tafresh and Ashtiyan" cities and including "Khalajestan".

During the first term of his term the were good news for the people of the region.

He used to go to all the villages of his jurisdiction and he was really among the people he listened to them very carefully and heard their sufferings and honestly tried to remove the problems.

He taught the students the lessons of courage Martyrdom and resistance, he became a Martyr in june,28,1981 in the I.R.P central office Explosion in Tehran along with 72 other shinning stars of the Islamic revolution.

God bless his soul.


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